Meaning of STRICT in English

[adjective] -er, -est - greatly limiting someone's freedom to behave as they wish, and likely to cause them to be severely punished if disobeyedMy parents were very strict with me when I was young.Strict adherence to the safety regulations is expected at all times.There was strict censorship of the media throughout the war.In Pakistan, women must conform to a strict Islamic dress code (= it is very important that they obey Islamic rules about the types of clothing they are allowed to wear).Stricter controls on air pollution would help to reduce acid rain.We have strict criteria for the selection of new recruits.A strict curfew has been imposed from dusk till dawn.The school is an old-fashioned institution where strict discipline is still the norm.We follow very strict guidelines on the use and storage of personal details on computers.He would be found guilty under a strict (= exact) interpretation of the law.Do you think stricter gun laws would reduce the murder rate in the United States?There's a strict time limit for claiming the prize.Sweden maintained a policy of strict neutrality throughout the war.During the Islamic Revolution, Iran returned to strict observance of Muslim principles and traditions.Opponents of the conservationists argue that stricter regulations would hinder economic growth.Strict testing requirements mean that it can take several years for a new drug to become generally available.Strict rules govern the export of high-tech equipment such as computers.The drug should only be administered under strict medical supervision.He blames his strict religious upbringing for his sexual problems.In its strict sense (= In its most limited meaning), frost refers simply to a temperature of zero degrees Celsius or less.The negotiations have taken place in strict (= total) secrecy.See also restrict.Strict can also describe someone who follows the rules and principles of a belief or way of living very carefully and exactly.His parents were strict Catholics.She's a strict vegetarian and refuses to eat any poultry or fish.I'm telling you this in the strictest confidence (= expecting that you will not tell anyone else).

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