Meaning of STRICT in English

/ strɪkt; NAmE / adjective ( strict·er , strict·est )


that must be obeyed exactly :

strict rules / regulations / discipline

She left strict instructions that she was not to be disturbed.

He told me in the strictest confidence (= on the understanding that I would tell nobody else) .

She's on a very strict diet.


demanding that rules, especially rules about behaviour, should be obeyed :

a strict teacher / parent / disciplinarian

She's very strict about things like homework.

They were always very strict with their children.


obeying the rules of a particular religion, belief, etc. exactly :

a strict Muslim

a strict vegetarian


[ usually before noun ] very exact and clearly defined :

It wasn't illegal in the strict sense (of the word) .

►  strict·ness noun [ U ]



late Middle English (in the sense restricted in space or extent ): from Latin strictus , past participle of stringere tighten, draw tight.

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