Meaning of STRICT in English




a strict code

In future we will have to abide by a strict code of environmental standards.

a strict condition

The US agreed to give financial aid, with a number of strict conditions.

a strict criterion (= very exact )

All the cars must meet strict criteria, and are tested by our mechanics.

a strict deadline (= a time or date when something must definitely be finished )

We're working to a very strict deadline.

a strict diet (= in which you eat a very limited amount or range of food )

She followed a strict diet for several weeks.

a strict embargo (= one that must be obeyed )

The new measures include a strict embargo on fuel.

a strict limit

There are strict limits on spending.

a strict upbringing

He reacted violently against his strict upbringing.

clear/strict guidelines

Today most planning authorities enforce fairly strict guidelines on new houses.

rigorous/strict scrutiny (= very careful and thorough )

This system has been subject to rigorous scrutiny.

severe/strict restrictions

The regime had put severe restrictions upon the media.

strict disciplinarian

Dad was a strict disciplinarian .

strict discipline (= very firm and not always reasonable or kind )

Some parents complained about the school's strict discipline.

strict orders

They had strict orders not to allow anyone through.

strict principles

Rosa is a woman of strict moral principles.

strict supervision

Beginners should only attempt these exercises under strict supervision in a gym.


They have very strict rules about gambling.

strict/rigid/slavish adherence

strict adherence to Judaic law


The regulations surrounding the handling of nuclear waste are very strict.


the country’s strict anti-tobacco laws

stringent/strict/rigorous/tough standards (= high standards that are difficult to reach )

The Marines’ rigorous standards mean that only a small proportion of applicants are successful.

tight/strict (= good security, so that something is very safe )

The event passed off peacefully, amid tight security.

tough/strict sanctions (= severe )

Due to strict sanctions, the country is unable to import the medicines it needs.




Enforceability Though the agencies do not regard standards as strict limits, their enforceability is important.

Although Peters based her diet on what she viewed as strict science, the moral lesson was clear.

She was never as strict as his Dad and she didn't like him getting in the way in the waiting-room.

The rules of a factory may be written down and serve as strict regulators of behaviour.


Similar reasoning occurs in the criminal law; for example, liability for death is much stricter than liability for theft.

The Church's system is much stricter and more comprehensive.

In practice, any single investigation will have much stricter data requirements than this rather general list.


Rostov understood why the precautions which had been taken to quarantine Tarvaras were so strict .

The limits on cash withdrawals were so strict that many companies found themselves without cash even to pay wages.

But it's so strict that it's impossible not to think about it sometimes.

They're not so strict doing actual work, and those sort of things, I think.

You shouldn't be so strict with yourself.


Colleges and universities were advised to strengthen discipline, already considered too strict by many students, and step up ideological work.

She felt Tom was too strict and punitive, particularly for Scott.

I think she was frightened to be too strict .

Other parents fear that they may displease, and therefore lose the love of, their children if they are too strict .

The service industry has pleaded with some local governments not to be too strict .

Labov's rider to these conditions is however worth quoting in full: The requirement as stated is too strict .

But it may be that I am taking too strict a line here.


And the 22-year-old is under strict orders from manager Brian Little to lay off the physical stuff.


I am trying to keep to a very strict timetable.

For instance, some countries have very strict pornographic laws.

He was a very strict Catholic.

You can give away things like this and have very strict restrictions on them.

The Town Council was then, as now, very strict in the matter of public morality.

His father was very strict and unyielding.

The council have a very strict rule that homeless people are only allowed one offer of a council house.

The librarians have very strict rules.



Deep anxiety may cause obsessive behaviour, fanaticism or a strict adherence to religion for the wrong reasons.

Emphasis should be placed on strict adherence to a policy of changing into protective clothing before conducting a post-mortem examination.


No questions were asked as long as recruits accepted the harsh conditions and the unit's strict code of honour.

He had an extremely strict code of conduct for himself and a lenient one for others.

The scathing attack from consumer watchdogs comes only months after the introduction of a strict code of practice designed to improve services.

All students are informed by their instructor of the strict code of taekwondo.


There is nothing magical or mystical about the process, and the results are shared in strictest confidence .

Because the questionnaire was conducted in strict confidence some took this opportunity to express their thoughts.

They are expert at handling situations like this in strict confidence .

Anything you tell me will be in strict confidence if it's got nothing to do with our enquiries.

Anyone who can help should telephone, extension 3045 in strict confidence .

The prisoners were assured that the findings would be held in the strictest confidence .

Naturally I approached Bates in the strictest confidence , but all too quickly I learned that he is just a gin-sodden loud-mouth.

I can assure you that any information given during the interview will be treated in the strictest confidence .


The system would probably need strict control of money supply too, keeping its growth in line with national wealth.

In contrast, the military maintained strict control over the information that was available during the Persian Gulf War in 1991.

Within his government he maintained strict control over the formulation of policy, a control which tightened as the crisis wore on.

For this reason, and because there are very strict controls , animals are only used in research when absolutely necessary.

This was leaked to the media, who began to clamour for stricter control .

No capping, but strict control of local government spending.

He's now on the loose but under strict control .

Nineteen different measures incorporate strict controls on feed suppliers, breeding and laying flocks.


It involves using strict criteria for admission, such as failure in a nursing home or extreme restlessness and aggression.

Other researchers use less strict criteria and claim to find competence where Piagetians, using their criterion, do not.

All the clubs invited meet strict criteria relating to facilities, number of teams run, colts infrastructure and overall organisation.

They all produce rugs to order, with strict criteria laid down to govern the sizes, colours, designs and qualities.

Their cars must meet strict criteria , and are tested by our mechanics.


Groups will also need to organise themselves and delegate different tasks in order to produce their newspaper by a strict deadline .


If you are on a strict diet , leave the salmon, mackerel, kippers and herring for the moment.

But Clinton showed that hundreds of federal programs will be on a strict diet during the struggle to eliminate the federal deficit.

Gooch has led the way with monumental batting efforts and a strict diet of training and practice that leaves younger men breathless.

Even a trip to the supermarket would be difficult unless you're on a strict diet .


Superintendent Robertson did not care about the mutterings from the lower ranks against her strict disciplinarian attitude.

From what Mama told me, Admiral Makarov was a strict disciplinarian , and Dad hated him.

Mr. Russ was an excellent teacher - a fair man, but whilst a strict disciplinarian , was kindly.


The strictest discipline would be enforced.

Denney created an atmosphere of strict discipline that was resented and bitterly contested by patients for years.

They evidently prefer strict discipline and central control to fair competition.

Daley was enrolled in the elementary school at the Nativity Church, under the strict discipline of the nuns.

It is a strict discipline upon which to build.

The rule of the Shoguns was feasible, of course, only under strict discipline and what amounted to a police state.

There was strict discipline and we weren't allowed to make any noise in case we were heard.

Such an effort requires tight organization and strict discipline from lawmakers who are accustomed to putting their own political concerns first.


And an extended payments schedule might well recover the debt more surely than strict enforcement - which might instead precipitate financial collapse.


Although some apply strict guidelines , others contract out their surveillance to private security companies.

Operations of this kind should only be undertaken by the intelligence services, and then only under the strictest guidelines .

But I've also laid down strict guidelines on how much time he can spend at the screen.

The managerial controls and the strict guidelines have played their part.

It allows for subjectivity and freedom of opinion within fairly strict guidelines .

Our parents search for strict guidelines to help heal their confused feelings towards us.

They can, however, offer effective pain relief for very sick neonates, provided strict guidelines are adhered to.


Figure 2.2 reflects an organisation without a strict hierarchy where everyone is working quite independently.

Operation Rescue was an organization with a strict hierarchy of command.

In the strict hierarchy of the Catalan countryside these peasant farmer families almost ranked as a petty nobility.

There seemed to be a strict hierarchy of beauty and desirability.

Forward-thinking organisations have restructured themselves so that adherence to strict hierarchy and title is less significant.


Leaving her amour with strict instructions on how to find her, she retired to bed and waited.

Takat had given him strict instructions to exercise the beasts every day and to follow through with the routine.

This they avoided as they followed their Head Girl's strict instructions to keep out of the rough areas.


Imagination and artistic creation are also, according to a strict interpretation of Freudian theory, neurotic symptoms.

After Los amantes de Teruel, there is a stricter interpretation of the unites once again.

On occasion the courts have adopted artificially strict interpretations of exclusion clauses in order to deny their effect.

Possibilities, then, for further congregational participation seem possible even under a strict interpretation of the present rubrics.

The strict interpretation of statute, an important feature of the sixteenth century, owed much to the invention of printing.


No one then supposed, however, that the atoms were not moving according to strict laws .

Are you implying the fault is with California, for coming up with these silly strict laws ?

As a matter of strict law , party elections can neither preclude nor pre-empt the prerogative of choice.

Most states have strict laws against using roadkills.


A contractual obligation, such as an exchange rule gives rise on the face of it to strict liability .

It is a form of strict liability .

Its purpose is to introduce a strict liability regime on producers of defective products.

The reasonable foreseeability test should not apply in strict liability torts as foresight of damage is not generally required to establish liability.

There are two approaches: with fault and strict liability .

This resulted in the passing of the Consumer Protection Act 1987 which introduces a strict liability regime for defective products.

A form of strict liability is also created for damage caused by articles falling from an aircraft whilst in flight.

The Prince rule of strict liability as to age, which applies equally to indecent assault, has already been noticed.


Enforceability Though the agencies do not regard standards as strict limits , their enforceability is important.

If your child crosses that line, you need to place strict limits on his behavior.

There is a strict limit of 50 anglers.

Invoking strict limits on online news, including requiring Web sites to get their news from state media.

But Brian Hickey, Harlequin's president, says the agreement with Alliance puts strict limits on production costs.

The Maastricht rules also impose strict limits on public debt.

This sets strict limits on emissions in an effort to reduce the country's contribution to global warming and acid rain.

Impose strict limits on dissemination of passenger travel data and the use of overly intrusive searches.


Please Note: Orders which are accompanied by payments are dealt with in strict order of receipt.

At sea, the rotation of pilots follows a strict order so that no one pilot dives more than another.

They had obviously received strict orders from their editors not to miss a story.

And the 22-year-old is under strict orders from manager Brian Little to lay off the physical stuff.


Children were dispersed to remote parts of the house and subjected to a strict regime of meals, walks, and lessons.

Patients have to obey a strict regime and Carre is forced to share a room and bathroom with another addict.

Lewes instituted a pretty strict regime which at times tended to be resented, although it brought results.

Was it a very strict regime at home?


This would be subject to strict regulation and only banks would have access to deposit insurance.

At Basle, environmentalists also called for stricter regulations on facilities for disposal of toxic waste in importing countries.

The population was used to receiving orders and to strict regulation in face of shared danger and privation.

A creche is a costly facility because of the requirement to meet the strict regulations .


Unfortunately, in a number of respects explanatory surveys failed to match up to the strict requirements of the logic required.

Quasi-Experimental Design Quasi-experimental designs are those which do not meet all the strict requirements of the experiment but nevertheless can be satisfactory.

The Revenue has become aware that some schemes have been registered which do not adequately observe the strict requirements of the legislation.


Under the Belfast Urban Area Plan strict restrictions have been placed on any further office development outside the city centre.

You can give away things like this and have very strict restrictions on them.

Most of the smaller names impose strict restrictions on membership.


The strict rules of evidence do not have to be followed.

Camp Seedorf, located by a seldom-traveled highway, had strict rules against going into the village.

At the same time, the protectorate's authorities want to maintain high standards of financial propriety with strict rules .

The council have a very strict rule that homeless people are only allowed one offer of a council house.

He laid down a long series of strict rules and regulations regarding conduct.

A free-fighting match is held under strict rules .

Many of the men resisted, and risked further torture by violating the strict rule against communicating among themselves.


But Justice hesitated; it had never before asked any federal court to hold gender-based classification to the strict scrutiny standard.

H-4 must needs submit to a new trial, under stricter scrutiny .


Various versions were filmed on closed sets with skeleton crews and strict security .


But good aphorisms do not have to be meaningful in a strict sense .

In the strict sense , he was neither.

He can not, without his knowledge or consent, be made a bailee in the strict sense of that term.

Of course Everett did not plan to shoot Kennedy in the strict sense .

Lois does not have an engineering degree in the strict sense .

Barber acknowledges that political personality is not deterministic in a strict sense .

As I have said they are not cases of estoppel in the strict sense .

Albumen is not retro in any strict sense , however.


The directive does not impose any stricter standards than the 1908 Act.

The animals and veggies still were judged according to the strictest standards of individual achievement.

We will introduce strict standards of life expectancy for consumer durables and encourage deposit-refund schemes.

Justice Ginsburg has actually built her career on pushing for stricter standards on gender discrimination.

By strict standards , therefore, the memoirs must contain much that can only be regarded as fiction.

Stack emissions, which are continuously monitored, meet the strictest standards in the world.


To many this sounds attractive, implying freedom from fixed hours, strict supervision and the hassles of commuting.

More probation hostels were urgently needed for young persons, and hostels should be provided for adult offenders who required strict supervision .

Their contents would have been eaten under strict supervision !

But under the strictest supervision , of course.


Most statutory rights have to be enforced within a strict time limit.

One possible solution is for the last step in the procedure to be the subject of a strict time limit.


Dates must be listed in strict chronological order.

He had strict instructions to return the key to me.

I think you're too strict with your children.

In the strictest sense of the word, all popular fiction is 'romantic'.

Japan has very strict laws against drugs and guns.

Most schools are quite strict about the way students dress.

Teachers need to be strict , but also fair.

The manager is very strict about people getting to work on time.

There are strict rules about the use of dangerous chemicals.

Under a strict interpretation of the rules, she would be suspended.


Although some apply strict guidelines, others contract out their surveillance to private security companies.

Back then, he said, most Orthodox Christians still adhered to strict fasting rules during the 40 days before Pasak.

But Justice hesitated; it had never before asked any federal court to hold gender-based classification to the strict scrutiny standard.

Chauvin, who was educated in New Orleans' strict black schools, was judged to have the fastest shorthand in Louisiana.

Leaving her amour with strict instructions on how to find her, she retired to bed and waited.

Of course, there were tensions and conflicts, but discipline was strict and scandals were rare.

The harvester moved round the field in a strict square, so that the standing crop grew smaller and smaller with every pass.

With all the resolve of her strict faith, she sailed with their son to Palermo, telling Tony it was Naples.

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