Meaning of STRICT in English


Pronunciation: ' strikt

Function: adjective

Etymology: Middle English stricte, from Latin strictus, from past participle of stringere to bind tight ― more at STRAIN

Date: 15th century

1 archaic a : TIGHT , CLOSE also : INTIMATE b : NARROW

2 a : stringent in requirement or control <under strict orders> b : severe in discipline <a strict teacher>

3 a : inflexibly maintained or adhered to < strict secrecy> b : rigorously conforming to principle or a norm or condition

4 : EXACT , PRECISE <in the strict sense of the word>

5 : of narrow erect habit of growth <a strict inflorescence>

synonyms see RIGID

– strict · ly \ ' strik(t)-l ē \ adverb

– strict · ness \ -n ə s \ noun

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