Meaning of STRICTLY in English



be strictly/expressly/absolutely etc forbidden

Alcohol is strictly forbidden in Saudi Arabia.

be strictly/rigorously enforced

The new parking restrictions will be strictly enforced.

not strictly correct (= not correct according to some standards )

The grammar in this sentence is not strictly correct.

not strictly/entirely/completely accurate

The evidence she gave to the court was not strictly accurate not exactly accurate .

Strictly Come Dancing

strictly confidential (= completely confidential )

The information will be regarded as strictly confidential .

strictly illegal formal (= completely illegal - used for emphasis )

Phone tapping is strictly illegal.

strictly speaking

Strictly speaking, the tomato is a fruit.

strictly/expressly/explicitly etc forbid

The law strictly forbids racial or sexual discrimination.




Perceptions need not be strictly accurate .

To be strictly accurate , there are two Wolvertons, Old and New.

To be strictly accurate about it, they are mostly very reliable once they are up and running properly.

So Tite's evidence at the inquest was not strictly accurate .

Interestingly, this view of personality and behaviour is not strictly accurate .


But the theories are not strictly comparable , and their strengths and weaknesses are not necessarily obvious.

Thirdly, even within a particular denomination, the official figures may not be strictly comparable over time.

The data which they provide are thus not strictly comparable .


The findings are strictly confidential and we do not know if these athletes were allowed to compete.

The questionnaire itself is strictly confidential .

All personal details are treated as strictly confidential and remain on computer file.

The information will be regarded as strictly confidential .


In relative terms, Britain was shown to be a middle-ranking power with her ability to take independent military action strictly limited .

We saw in Chapter 6 that fixed-term contracts offer one, strictly limited , means of contracting out of statutory rights.

She knew their offers of support were perfectly genuine and of strictly limited extent.

Only archaeologists and scholars are allowed to visit now, in small, strictly limited groups.

She now gave piano lessons, on a strictly limited basis, to suitable children.

The remainder of the formal powers of the monarchy are strictly limited .

Such a person manages the curriculum in an important but strictly limited way by affecting the conditions within which it is delivered.


Although it is not strictly necessary , most work is done with stimuli that vary sinusoidally in space or time.

It is not, of course, strictly necessary to take this interpretation.

The Employment Service should always ask employers seeking to impose age restrictions on recruitment if these are strictly necessary .

A Sweeter Lazarus was better written than strictly necessary .

It was almost a year before it was strictly necessary and at the time there were voices advising delay.

To tell the truth, I continued to use the stick for longer than was strictly necessary .

It's not strictly necessary , is it?

Try thinking of a single international agreement that countries have made more strenuous efforts than were strictly necessary to implement.


That, he said, was, strictly speaking , inconceivable.

Not strictly speaking , because the wedding was in a register office, and you don't have a best man.

Clearly, an unreflective or uncritical citizenry would be highly undesirable as well as, strictly speaking , a contradiction in terms.

Kant answers the first questions by contending that we can not strictly speaking know that there is such a moral law.

This means that, strictly speaking , so-called outer perception is not really perception at all.

He has many opportunities to personify the government or, strictly speaking , to be presented as its spokesman.

Although business gifts are not strictly speaking sales promotions, they are relevant to this section.

These usages have given rise to philosophical views as to the nature, strictly speaking , of causes and effects.


Which wasn't strictly true , at least not in Luke Travis's definition.

That sounds contradictory, but it is strictly true .

She told herself she was glad to see the back of him, but it was not strictly true .

This will not always be strictly true .

Nice, but not strictly true .

It's not strictly true , but close enough for the news.

This is not strictly true on two counts.

Though that was not strictly true .



The closing dates were strictly adhered to by the Office of Works.

The women were incensed, since they adhere strictly to the laws concerning MIKve after menstruation.

The two-tier principle was strictly adhered to in the 1972 Act even when there seemed little justification for itin particular circumstances.

Authors adhere strictly to a formula provided by the publishers.

An inquiry is now under way to find out if the rules were strictly adhered to in Mrs Allen's case.

The information desk was manned throughout the weekend, the timetable was strictly adhered to and everyone benefited from the efficiency.

In the original battle plans, which were to be strictly adhered to, ten minutes were allocated for the raid.

Whether it has always been strictly adhered to by magistrates and the police is, of course, another matter.


In practice, however, and particularly for the first years, what happened in labs was strictly controlled by the department.

Rents were again strictly controlled , and empty houses were requisitioned.

The operation will be strictly controlled to avoid any further risks.

Fares were strictly controlled by international agreement.

The Soviet authorities strictly controlled all telecommunications.

Where building materials are more strictly controlled .

Food was also strictly controlled and no sweets or biscuits were allowed in rooms.

The Government said that strictly controlled licences would be awarded to farms outside the foot and mouth exclusion zones.


Labouring poets are thus strictly defined by their handicaps.

Needs have been defined strictly within the context of the catalogue system itself.


Space on the ground in the narrow paddock is limited by strictly enforced rules.

But a return to a strictly enforced standard becomes more and more difficult as the gap between generations widens.

Now that the war is almost over, Moscow's information embargo is less strictly enforced .

A legal ban on the hunting of wildlife is not strictly enforced .

Even headmen not in league with cattle thieves had little interest in strictly enforcing the regulations.


Mrs Berzins, who remembered herself as a young woman, did not strictly forbid her to go.

He had found the porter visiting the superintendent nurse in her room, a form of social exchange that was strictly forbidden .

Although we have been strictly forbidden to enter the shed, my sister and I spend a lot of time in here.

In some cultures eye contact between men and women is strictly forbidden outside the immediate family.

The pentecostal faith strictly forbids drunkenness, carousing, and infidelity.

Adam, as a child, had been strictly forbidden ever to go in there.

The Agrarian Code of 1922 strictly forbade the sale of land and the granting of mortgages.


Financial segregation: Items of account must be kept strictly identifiable with the user department.

We travelled clandestinely by helicopter one evening and kept strictly to ourselves what we saw there.

This task is actually easier outside the old hierarchical corporate structure, where information was compartmentalized and unrelated contexts kept strictly separate.


Where lordship was strong, as in Paris, the degree of self-government was strictly limited .

He might also try to strictly limit the amount of time he spends there by scheduling other activities around his drinking.

Such a design also strictly limits the size of ganglia and brains.

Arizona public records indicate those communications were not limited strictly to state business.

They have been allowed, however, to publish their own newsletters and bulletins, but their circulation has been strictly limited .

Only this strictly limited interpretation, intended to affirm obedience as the main point, was fostered by the palace.

It is strictly limited to 15,000, and each plate is individually numbered on the reverse.

Special searches within strictly limited areas are a useful service component.


Transport arrangements within the market are strictly regulated .

In both cases, the total expenditure on advanced further education could be strictly regulated .

Busy, yes, but since everything is strictly regulated , there's bed-space for nearly everyone.

Within these councils, social services were strictly regulated .


Unfortunately, that turf remains strictly in the middle of the road.

It was strange how fascinating he was becoming to her, against her own wish that their relationship should remain strictly businesslike.


Where there is such an approved standard it is, strictly speaking not mandatory for the manufacturer to comply with it.

However, this formulation is, according to social representation theory, strictly speaking inaccurate.

They too join in, even though, strictly speaking , they weren't invited.

The Demoiselles is not, strictly speaking , a Cubist painting.

Monophony Strictly speaking , monophonic music is a single melodic line, without harmony or even octaves.

Two typical para-relations are para-hyponymy and para-incompatibility. Strictly speaking , these are both varieties of compatibility.


be (strictly) for the birds

The Easter Fete was for the birds , Timothy Gedge said.


I play the piano strictly for fun.

Local driving regulations are strictly enforced.

Martha and Joan kept strictly to their part of the house.

Some people objected, but it was all strictly legal.

The immigration laws have been strictly implemented.

The work is strictly on a volunteer basis.


A Sweeter Lazarus was better written than strictly necessary.

But Weaver's unusually modern sensibilities mark this novel strictly for the tourist market.

He completely disregarded strictly enforced social conventions and religious restrictions in order to contact the outcasts of society.

Mrs Berzins, who remembered herself as a young woman, did not strictly forbid her to go.

The closing dates were strictly adhered to by the Office of Works.

The pentecostal faith strictly forbids drunkenness, carousing, and infidelity.

Where lordship was strong, as in Paris, the degree of self-government was strictly limited.

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