Meaning of TERMS in English


[plural] [noun] - the conditions which control an agreement, arrangement or activityWe will have to discuss your terms of employment.The terms of the contract are not negotiable.I bought this dishwasher on favourable/reasonable terms (= I paid a reasonable price for it.)Consider it in terms of (= as) an investment.If you bring someone to terms, you force them to accept particular conditions.The United Nations tried to bring the warring sides to terms to put an end to the war.If you come to terms with someone, you agree with them about something.We will have to come to terms with him about how many hours a week he is going to work for us.If you come to terms with something unpleasant or difficult, you learn to accept it and deal with it.He has come to terms with his wife's illness and says he will nurse her at home.If you talk about something in particular terms or in terms of something, you use it to make clear which particular area of a subject you are discussing.A 200-year-old building is very old in American terms/in terms of American history.If you are thinking/talking in terms of doing something, you are considering doing it.I'm thinking in terms of retiring next year and travelling overseas.If you buy something on easy terms, you pay for it over a period of time.If you do something on your own terms, you decide the conditions under which you will do it, because you are in a position of power.If two people are treated on equal/on the same terms, they are treated in the same way.We can't work on equal terms unless we speak a common language.If two people are on good/bad terms, they have a good/bad relationship with one another.I've always been on good terms with my neighbours.(formal) Terms of reference are the matters to which a study or report is limited.Working hours were within our terms of reference, whereas rates of pay were outside our terms of reference.(US) Terms of reference are ideas or experiences which people use to make decisions.He is always concerned about money - finance is his only term of reference.

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