Meaning of TERMS in English


/ tɜːmz; NAmE tɜːrmz/ noun [ pl. ]


the conditions that people offer, demand or accept when they make an agreement, an arrangement or a contract :

peace terms

Under the terms of the agreement , their funding of the project will continue until 2010.

They failed to agree on the terms of a settlement.

These are the terms and conditions of your employment.


conditions that you agree to when you buy, sell, or pay for sth; a price or cost :

to buy sth on easy terms (= paying for it over a long period)

My terms are £20 a lesson.


a way of expressing yourself or of saying sth :

We wish to protest in the strongest possible terms (= to say we are very angry) .

I'll try to explain in simple terms.

The letter was brief, and couched in very polite terms .

➡ note at language


- be on good, friendly, bad, etc. terms (with sb)

- come to terms (with sb)

- come to terms with sth

- in terms of sth | in ... terms

- on your own terms | on sb's terms

—more at contradiction , equal , speak , uncertain

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