Meaning of TWIN in English


[noun] [C] - either of two children born to the same mother on the same occasionThey are the parents of four-year-old twins.My sister has twin sons.Twin is also used of things which are very similar to each other, are one of two similar things or are one of two things which are connected in some way.The two countries are often regarded as economic twins.The car has twin exhausts.The twin hubs of the world art market are London and New York.Handing over the land to peasants could quickly solve the twin problems of food shortages and distribution.A twin bed is one of a set of two beds which are each big enough for one person. A twin-bedded room (also twin room or twin) is a room with two such beds.See picture: Beds(UK and ANZ) A twin set is a woman's jumper and cardigan which have the same colour or pattern and are worn together.My aunt is the sort of elderly woman who always wears a twin set and pearls.(UK) A twin town (US sister city) is a town or city which shares planned activities and visits with a similar town in another country. Cambridge and Heidelberg are twin towns.

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