Meaning of WASTE in English

(UNWANTED MATTER) [noun] - unwanted matter or material of any type, often that which is left after useful substances or parts have been removedModern packaging is often excessive, and produces a lot of waste. [U]Britain produces 20 million tonnes of household waste each year. [U]He opposes any kind of nuclear waste being dumped at sea. [U]The commission lays down strict guidelines for the disposal of hazardous waste. [U]It is much cheaper to recycle aluminium from waste than to extract it from bauxite. [U]Substantial energy savings are made by recycling waste materials.Every day, 30 million gallons of untreated human waste (= excrement) flow from Ciudad Juarez into the Rio Grande. [U]Now they are set to tackle one of their most ambitious clean-up jobs yet - radioactive waste. [U]Without a licensed waste disposal site, toxic wastes now must be shipped out of state or stored. [C]Oil spills are common, as is the dumping of toxic industrial wastes. [C]The Japanese recycle more than half of their waste paper.The waste pipes from the bath and washbasin go through this wall.A waste product is a substance of no value or use which is made during a process in which something useful is produced.Faeces and urine are two of the body's waste products.The disease affects the body's ability to break down some of the body's toxic waste products.Up to 0.2 kg of toxic cadmium, a waste product from the electronics industry, enters the sea from the Thames every day.

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