Meaning of LEAD in English


Name: lead

Symbol: Pb

Atomic number: 82

Atomic weight: 207.2 (1) g m

Group in periodic table: 14

Group name:

Period in periodic table: 6

Block in periodic table: p-block

CAS registry ID: 7439-92-1

Lead is a bluish-white lustrous metal. It is very soft, highly malleable, ductile, and a relatively poor conductor of electricity. It is very resistant to corrosion but tarnishes upon exposure to air. Lead pipes bearing the insignia of Roman emperors, used as drains from the baths, are still in service. Alloys include pewter and solder. Tetraethyl lead (PbEt4) is still used in some grades of petrol (gasoline) but is being phased out on environmental grounds.

Lead isotopes are the end products of each of the three series of naturally occurring radioactive elements.

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