Meaning of ACTUAL in English



existing in act

our actual intentions

Synonyms: existent, extant

Antonyms: possible, potential


existing in or based on fact

problems of actual life

Synonyms: absolute, factual, genuine, hard, positive, sure-enough

Related Word: commonplace, everyday, ordinary, routine, usual; concrete, real, tangible

Contrasted words: conjectural, hypothetical, theoretical; putative, reputed, supposititious

Antonyms: apparent, nominal


Synonyms: real 3, indisputable, true, undeniable, unfabled, veridical

Related Word: material, objective, phenomenal, physical; authentic, bona fide, legitimate

Contrasted words: abstract, transcendent, transcendental; academic, speculative, theoretical; fabulous, fictitious, mythical

Antonyms: ideal; imaginary

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