Meaning of ACTUAL in English

I. ˈakchə(wə)l, -ksh- adjective

Etymology: Middle English, active, existing, from Middle French actuel, from Late Latin actualis active, practical, from Latin actus act + -alis -al — more at act

1. obsolete : involving or relating to acts or deeds : active

her walking and other actual performances — Shakespeare


a. : existing in act

our actual intentions

: existent — contrasted with potential and possible

b. : existing in fact or reality : really acted or acting or carried out — contrasted with ideal and hypothetical

in actual life

the actual conditions

— distinguished from apparent and nominal

the actual cost of goods

3. : not spurious : real , genuine

an actual blizzard

actual falsehood

hard-pressed but not in actual poverty

4. : in existence or taking place at the time : present , current

caught in the actual commission of the crime

5. physics : kinetic ; also : motive , sensible — used of energy

Synonyms: see real

II. noun

( -s )

1. : something that is actual or exists in fact : reality

2. : something actually received or at hand (as a cash receipt or a market commodity) as distinct from estimated or expected

trading in both actuals and futures in grain

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