Meaning of ESSENTIAL in English


I. adjective


Synonyms: inherent , congenital, connate, constitutional, deep-seated, elemental, inborn, inbred, innate, intrinsic

Contrasted words: conditional, contingent, dependent

Antonyms: accidental


so important to the nature and essence of a thing as to be indispensable

the essential ingredient in this medicine is a new drug

Synonyms: cardinal, constitutive, fundamental, vital

Related Word: basal, basic, underlying; capital, chief, foremost, leading, main, principal; primal, primary, prime

Contrasted words: dependent, secondary, subordinate; accessory, auxiliary, contributory, subsidiary


Synonyms: elemental 1, basic, elementary, fundamental, primitive, substratal, underlying


urgently required

raw materials essential to industry

Synonyms: imperative, indispensable, necessary, necessitous, prerequisite

Related Word: needed, needful; required, requisite, wanted; right-hand; vital

Contrasted words: dispensable, unnecessary, unneeded, unrequired, unwanted

Antonyms: nonessential

II. noun


something that forms part of the minimal body, character, or structure of a thing

prosperity is an essential of the good life

Synonyms: basic, element, fundamental, part and parcel, rudiment

Related Word: essence, stuff, substance; must, necessary, prerequisite, sine qua non


something necessary, required, or unavoidable

work was an essential to survival

Synonyms: condition, must, necessity, precondition, prerequisite, requirement, requisite, sine qua non

Idioms: name of the game

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