Meaning of ESSENTIAL in English


I. adjective


a vital/crucial/essential role

Every member of the team has a vital role to play.

a vital/essential element (= necessary so that something can happen or exist )

Her determination is a vital element of her success.

a vital/essential part (= an extremely important and necessary part )

A ceasefire in the region is an essential part of any peace process.

an essential requirement

Confidence is an essential requirement for success.

an essential/fundamental difference (= a very basic one )

The fundamental differences between the two sides slowly emerged.

an essential/important item

Salt was an important item in the Roman economy.

an important/essential characteristic

An essential characteristic of good teaching is that it must create interest in the learner.

basic/essential vocabulary

The book teaches you the basic vocabulary that you need to know when you're on holiday.

carrying out essential maintenance work

Engineers are carrying out essential maintenance work on the main line to Cambridge.

essential imports

The country had problems paying for its essential imports.

essential oil

essential/necessary/vital equipment

A compass is essential equipment when hiking.

necessary/essential repairs

The Council has agreed to carry out essential repairs to the fencing.

the bare essentials/necessities

Her bag was light, packed with only the bare essentials.

the essential services (= the police, hospitals, fire service, and organizations that provide basic things such as water, gas, or electricity )

the essential services




This is going to be a long and difficult task; difficult, but in my view, absolutely essential .

Painstaking accuracy was not absolutely essential to the needs of agriculture, however.

But it is absolutely essential that these reforms are directed from within, according to the wishes of the Association's own members.

One Systern now being scrutinized is absolutely essential for the proper wiring up of neurons in the brain of the developing fetus.

Strong management commitment to the expert system project is absolutely essential .

Bracing the right leg and hip during the backswing is absolutely essential .

I am very grateful to you for your continuing support of this special second collection, which is absolutely essential at present.

He stuck rigidly to his statement that what had been done was absolutely essential in the best interests of the children.


Cleaners are the most essential , the most unseen, apparently the least powerful of modern capitalism's new working class.

To us, this is the most essential idea you must carry with you during your search for a business partner.

Green is the most essential colour in the garden, because without it other colours would be diminished.

But they should be held to the barest and most essential minimum.

The last is the most essential step of all.

Here's our guide to the most essential .

The most essential ticket punch of all is combat command.


This is why a national lead is so essential .

Can you take the peripatetic lifestyle that many entrepreneurs find so essential ?

Egan's four-stage problem management model, so essential in basic training, is also regarded as applicable to management problems.

Far more career plans reflected concerns for acquiring the strategy and related client skills so essential to advancement within the firm.

An understanding of it is not so essential as that of the working of precedent.

This was not so essential 40 years ago.

It needs an elephant to explain why catalysts are so essential .

We need to ask why meetings are so essential .



To help the learner, complex examples should be reduced to the essential characteristics and differences emphasised.

Within the sacred whole, change, subjectivity, and diversity are essential characteristics of the natural world.

The essential characteristic of Byzantine dome construction is that such a dome is supported upon and covers a square form.

There are four essential characteristics of the scientific method: 1.

Constitutions there have certain essential characteristics , none of them found in Britain.

But all these leaders share certain essential characteristics .

The essential characteristics of national elections in the United States and Britain are contrasted in Table 5.1.

The essential characteristics of those who work to create profit in return for wages have remained the same despite surface changes since Marx.


It must be designed to constitute an essential component of those forces making for positive change in our country.

Alternative Concepts of Accountability Public accountability is a essential component for the functioning of our political system.

Mathematical and language skills unite in the understanding of logic and reasoning, an essential component of mature intelligence.

A second essential component in all such programmes is winning over local people.

The principle of exchange is urged as an essential component of the system.

An essential component of any local management scheme is the staff training which precedes its introduction and continues throughout its operation.


This has led to the argument that there is no essential difference between debt and tax finance.

The market-based economies and private ownership in Western democracies make an essential difference in the scope and application of the centralization concepts.

The essential difference between single-step selection and cumulative selection is this.

And in that there lies an essential difference between the painters and the poets here.

The essential difference between free email and its paid for counterpart is that the email service is provided through a Web interface.

Whether they made an essential difference is another story, but I tend to think that everything counts.

Even so, there is one essential difference which is that the determinant factor is specified in advance of testing by economic theory.

This is the essential difference between anthropology and Darwinism.


An essential element is good communication between the people involved, particularly in those stages where responsibility is joint.

They are an essential element in the management process and they provide the means of participation of various interests.

Finding the right message for Clinton was an essential element in his ultimate success.

These are essential elements in communication, and discourse is realized through them.

Training in modern management practices is also an essential element of economic reform. 18.

There are six essential elements of a valid lease: 1.

But were the essential elements of first-degree murder present-malice and premeditation?


Electricity services are an essential feature of modern society.

S summarizes the essential features of the time dependences incorporated into the study.

This lets you connect two workstations to the card, and essential feature in a bus topology.

At the heart of the difficulty of delineating clearly the essential features of the Constitution is its ever-changing nature.

By stripping concrete objects of their less essential features , they become less involved and hence more amenable to mathematical treatment.

The essential features of these books, as far as a student is concerned, are given in the table.

An example might highlight the essential features of the system.

He becomes one of the essential features of a good detective story-a victim whose death readers do not mourn.


This book will provide essential information on parasitic helminth communities for all those involved and interested in parasitology and community ecology.

Johns Manville suppressed research on the evidence and concealed essential information from its workers.

Temporary leaflet only means of supplying essential information .

Beyond this, the local studies collection in the public reference library will be a source of essential information .

Furthermore, Picasso was anxious to present in each image as much essential information about the subject as he could.

The solution displays all the essential information on depths, times and decompression requirements.

Each candidate is issued with a quality, custom designed file which contains the course programme and essential information .

This is fairly essential information to have.


Wait, though; didn't we encounter the same essential ingredients in the quiche?

The tasks of selecting, evaluating, rewarding, and even terminating subordinates are essential ingredients of position power.

An essential ingredient of this is the ability to categorise each patient by disease type or treatment group.

We believe emotional support is an essential ingredient for every laboring woman.

The intimacy between couples who take an interest in each other is an essential ingredient of a lasting marriage.

Happy Market, a glossary with color images of essential ingredients .

Suitable source rocks, the remaining essential ingredient for a petroleum prospect, are expected but have yet to be proved.

The unions claim that contented, well-paid workers are an essential ingredient of productivity, and so they are.


Careful instruction in the use of metered dose inhalers is an essential part of educating asthmatic patients.

From the start, the physical setting was an essential part of the Black Mountain experience.

The structure of levels was an essential part of the National Curriculum from its inception.

She considers thin distinction between the pure and the impure an essential part of social order.

Cristofori and Walter Both the action of Cristofori and that of Walter have four essential parts .

People left essential parts of themselves on the shore.

Sachs J said that mens rea was an essential part of this type of manslaughter.

One explanation is that dreaming is an essential part of our adaptation to the demands of the world we face.


The essential point is that real interest rates effectively determine the cost of housing to the homebuyer.

Where should you put that ill-fitting but essential point ?

His deceptively simple judgments dealt only with the essential points , stated the law tersely and clearly, and rarely provoked dissent.

This is an essential point to which I return in the concluding chapter.

Summarize your essential points on one page.

This raises a subtle but essential point .

Just the essential points - not an essay! 2.

His essential point , that those who hold information hold power, is absolutely correct.


We all have an essential role in this.

Give major credit to Christopher for helping guide the president in that essential role .

Government can play an essential role as a catalyst and in establishing the framework in which successful technology transfer can be achieved.

I believe that they provide one pointer, indicating a certain essential role for quantum mechanics in the understanding of mental phenomena.

These topics are important, but instrumental analytical chemistry plays an essential role in analysis these days and needs better coverage.

Both therefore see special educational provision as having an essential role to play in bringing about changes in mainstream education.

Even more important, major services play an essential role in conditioning the quality of labour in the so-called market sector.

The majority of such theories are concerned only with those economies in which money does not play an essential role .


Public policy should redistribute income and subsidise, if not deliver directly, essential services such as education and health.

Government finances are strained to the hilt dealing with essential services .

Only islanders and essential services are allowed to bring vehicles on to Iona.

Disaster-relief loans like those following the Northridge Earthquake are still being made because they are considered essential services .

Whitehall officials have encountered difficulties in deciding which essential services to include.

What essential services have to be provided and what essential investments have to be made?

In the capital, Buenos Aires, urban transport was seriously hit but essential services were maintained.

The essential services have no statutory right of entry unless there is an emergency.


A good deal of essential work has been carried out.

The essential work of the administrative structure is the implementation of policy.

The fragility of those relationships underlines the essential work done by the charity.

Moreover they could always use family labour or import casual labour to carry out any essential work .


Calcium is essential for the development of healthy teeth and bones.

If you're going hiking in the mountains, a decent pair of boots is essential .

If you're going walking in the mountains, strong boots are essential .

It's essential that you wear protective clothing in this area.

It is essential that the oil is checked every 10,000 km.

It is essential to read any document carefully before you sign it.

The essential difference between this class and other French classes is that this is intended for business people.

The essential point is that you both need to treat each other with much more respect.

The layer of fat on the baby seal's body is essential to its survival.

The tourist industry is now acknowledged as an essential part of the Spanish economy.

What is the essential difference between these two books?


A second essential component in all such programmes is winning over local people.

But Silber and the others have identified one essential ingredient: abhorrence for the status quo.

Cleaners are the most essential , the most unseen, apparently the least powerful of modern capitalism's new working class.

In undermining the notion of essential truth, however, Nietzsche also undermines the notion of an essential self.

Quick personal decisions are essential for success in an entrepreneurial business.

The structure of levels was an essential part of the National Curriculum from its inception.

They consider that an exchange of information on this problem is an essential prerequisite.

This follow-up is essential in ward teaching, but poor facilities often make it difficult to achieve without interruption.

II. noun




Learn how to distil large quantities of information into their bare essentials . 7.

Reduced to the bare essentials , the divergent internal performance patterns looked like the figure on page 264.

Despite a lifestyle stripped to the bare essentials , they are also some of the most visually arresting animals in the desert.

Leg infantry has to carry every item they will need, and that means only the barest of essentials .

Her bag was light now, only packed with the bare essentials .

Yet Gloria herself never seemed to hold on to more than the bare essentials that they had in their two paper carriers.

Now, she was stripped down to the bare essentials of her person, trying to deal with her knowledge.

But even with only the barest essentials , the list is as long as my arm.


The budget provides money for food, transportation, and other essentials.


But also, the principle of parsimony should be used to keep the research down to essentials.

Her bag was light now, only packed with the bare essentials.

In any conference or special event there are certain essentials.

Leg infantry has to carry every item they will need, and that means only the barest of essentials.

Now it was down to essentials.

She had packed two cases with clothes, towels and essentials.

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