Meaning of DOWN in English


back down

bear down

beat down

bog down

boil down

bowl down

break down

bring down

broken down

buckle down

button down

call down

cast down

come down with

cry down

cut down

die down

down and out

down at heel

down in the mouth

down to date

down to earth

drag down

draw down

dress down

go down

hand down

hold down

hunker down

hunt down

knock down

knock down and drag out

lay down

let down

lie down

look down

low down

mark down

mow down

pipe down

play down

pull down

put down

run down

scrooch down

set down

shake down

simmer down

sit down

slim down

slow down

stare down

take down

tear down

throw down

toned down

touch down

turn down

up and down

upside down

watered down

wear down

weigh down

worn down

write down

Merriam Webster. Collegiate thesaurus English dictionary.      Английский энциклопедический толковый словарь тезауруса.