Meaning of FORCE in English


n. Function: noun


Synonyms: POWER 4, arm, beef, energy, might, muscle, potency, sinew, strength, strong arm

Related Words: pressure, strain, stress, tension; headway, impetus, momentum, speed, velocity; vigor


Synonyms: POINT 3, cogency, effectiveness, punch, validity, validness


forces plural

Synonyms: TROOP 2, armed forces, military, servicemen

4 the exercise of power in order to impose one's will on a person or to have one's will with a thing FF1C; move a huge boulder by main force FF1E;

Synonyms: coercion, compulsion, constraint, duress, violence

Related Words: fierceness, intensity, vehemence; effort, exertions, pains, trouble

Contrasted Words: compliance, submission, yielding; impotence, powerlessness, weakness

Antonyms: forcelessness

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