Meaning of POOR in English


n. Function: adjective

1 lacking money or material possessions FF1C; they were so poor that the children had no winter coats FF1E;

Synonyms: beggared, broke, destitute, dirt poor, flat, fortuneless, impecunious, impoverished, indigent, low, necessitous, needy, penurious, poverty-stricken, stone-broke, stony, strapped, unprosperous

Related Words: distressed, embarrassed, pinched, reduced, straitened; bankrupt, bankrupted, insolvent; hardscrabble; moneyless, penceless, penniless, unmoneyed; beggarly, down-and-out, pauperized; underprivileged

Idioms: down to one's bottom dollar, flat broke, hard up, in need, in penury, in rags, in want, on one's beam-ends, on one's uppers, out at elbows, out of pocket, poor as a church mouse, unable to keep the wolf from the door, unable to make ends meet

Contrasted Words: affluent, comfortable, moneyed, ||oofy, opulent, pecunious, prosperous, wealthy, well-fixed, well-heeled, well-off, well-to-do

Antonyms: rich


Synonyms: MEAGER 2, exiguous, scant, scanty, scrimp, scrimpy, skimp, skimpy, spare, sparse


Synonyms: PITIFUL 1, commiserable, pathetic, piteous, pitiable, rueful


Synonyms: CHEAP 2, base, common, mean, paltry, rubbishy, shoddy, sleazy, tatty, trashy


Synonyms: INFERIOR 2, common, déclassé, hack, low-grade, mean, second-class, second-drawer, second-rate


Synonyms: BAD 1, amiss, ||bum, ||crappy, dissatisfactory, ||punk, rotten, unsatisfactory, up, wrong

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