Meaning of POOR in English


adj.1 lacking adequate money or means to live comfortably.

2 (foll. by in) deficient in (a possession or quality) (the poor in spirit).

3 a scanty, inadequate (a poor crop). b less good than is usual or expected (poor visibility; is a poor driver; in poor health). c paltry; inferior (poor condition; came a poor third).

4 a deserving pity or sympathy; unfortunate (you poor thing). b with reference to a dead person (as my poor father used to say).

5 spiritless; despicable (is a poor creature).

6 often iron. or joc. humble; insignificant (in my poor opinion).

Phrases and idioms:

poor-box a collection-box, esp. in church, for the relief of the poor. poor law hist. a law relating to the support of paupers. poor man's an inferior or cheaper substitute for. poor man's weather-glass the pimpernel. poor-rate hist. a rate or assessment for relief or support of the poor. poor relation an inferior or subordinate member of a family or any other group. poor-spirited timid; cowardly. poor White offens. (esp. used by Blacks) a member of a socially inferior group of White people. take a poor view of regard with disfavour or pessimism.

Etymology: ME & OF pov(e)re, poure f. L pauper

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