Meaning of SINGLE in English

n. Function: adjective

1 being without a spouse FF1C; enjoying life as a single girl FF1E;

Synonyms: sole, spouseless, unmarried, unwed

Related Words: free, unattached, unfettered; celibate; maiden, virgin

Idioms: footloose and fancy-free

Contrasted Words: attached; united; wed

Antonyms: married

2 one as distinguished from two or more or all others FF1C; a single instance of dishonesty has been cited FF1E;

Synonyms: lone, one, only, particular, separate, sole, solitary, unique

Related Words: individual, singular; especial, special, specific; distinguished, singled-out; distinct

Contrasted Words: several; manifold, many, numerous

Antonyms: multiple


Synonyms: FRANK , candid, open, plain, single-eyed, single-hearted, single-minded, straightforward, undissembled, unvarnished


Synonyms: SOLE 4, exclusive, unshared

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