Meaning of SINGLE in English

I. adjective


a hit single/show/record etc

the hit musical ‘Phantom of the Opera’

a single bed (= for one person )

There was only a single bed.

a single bedroom (= with a bed for one person )

We have one single bedroom and two doubles.

a single currency (= one currency for the countries in Europe )

Britain does not use the single currency.

a single dose

The medicine is given as a single dose.

a single individual (= one person on their own )

Equipment of this kind is not something a single individual could afford.

a single parent ( also a lone parent British English ) (= someone who has their children living with them, but no partner )

My mum is a single parent.

a single shot (= just one shot )

He died from a single shot to his heart.

a single/individual item

This is the largest amount ever paid for a single item of jewellery.

a single/one-car garage (= for one car )

A single garage could boost the price of a house by 8%.

a single/sole exception (= one on its own )

All the men were killed, with the sole exception of Captain Jones.

be singled out for praise (= be the one person who is praised )

His work was singled out for praise by the examiners.

debut album/CD/single etc

Their debut album was recorded in 1991.

every single (= used to emphasize that you mean 'all' )

He seems to know every single person in the school.

in single figures (= less than 10 )

Women heads of department are in single figures.

Not a single

Not a single person said thank you.

single combat (= in which you and one other person fight together )

The champion called out a challenge to single combat.

single combat

He had already defeated an enemy champion in single combat.

single cream British English (= thin cream that you can pour easily )

single cream

single currency

Europe is moving steadily towards a single currency.

single entity

Good design brings a house and garden together as a single entity .

single figures

Interest rates have stayed in single figures for over a year now.

single file

We walked in single file across the bridge.

single honours

single market

single parent

single sb out for criticism (= to criticize one person, organization etc specifically )

The goalkeeper was singled out for criticism.

single spacing (= lines with no empty lines between them )

single track road

single/double room (= a room in a hotel for one person or for two )

I’d like to book a double room for two nights.

single/multiple occupancy

single occupancy room rates

the singles charts (= of CDs that have only one song on them )

The song reached number 9 in the singles charts.




Bedroom with two single beds which makes a double bed if required.

One of the important things to take into account when designing single bed Fair Isle patterns is the length of the floats.

To knit single bed tuck and slip stripes, the yarn goes in feeder 1 of the YC6 colour changer sinker plate.

Two bedrooms with twin single beds .

For both double and single bed welts I prefer to mattress stitch for a perfect finish.

I did quite a lot on that single bed machine, even intarsia and then I saw a double bed advertised for £15.

Are the bedrooms large enough to contain, say, two single beds ?

I made his socks on my Singer KE2400 single bed machine which I have had for years.


However, some yeasts can grow in both ways - either as hyphae or as single cells .

Similar studies in the past were based on single cell neuro-physiological data.

Even here there is debate about whether the activity of any single cell could be used to identify a particular face.

It was as if every single cell in my body sprouted wings and started flying about inside wildly.

They did come in, and it took seven of them to get me down to a single cell .

Every new organism begins as a single cell and grows anew.

The objects and phenomena that a physics book describes are simpler than a single cell in the body of its author.

The elephant not only has its beginning in a single cell , a fertilized egg.


The other idea is that we should have a single currency .

Candidates for a single currency must limit their public deficits to 3 percent of gross domestic product by the end of 1997.

If we are to adopt a single currency , we must achieve the theoretical advantages which are there to be grasped.

Does that mean that every Opposition Member who supports the amendment tonight is fully in favour of a single currency ?

If there were a single currency without convergence, it would have several serious effects on the smaller countries.

Whether there would continue to be a single currency was, however, unresolved.

Can a majority of public opinion be won over to vote for joining a single currency in just three or four years?

Stay outside the single currency , particularly if the euro keeps strengthening, and that importance diminishes.


To illustrate, suppose that all dividend payments are concentrated on a single day in each quarter.

In a single day our raft covered ninety-nine miles.

On 26 February six of the bombers were destroyed and seven badly damaged in a single day .

It features 10 shower rooms, five single day rooms with showers and a double room with shower.

In a single day , 29 September, the recession claimed over 4,500 jobs.

It's doubtful she ever has taken a single day of unpaid leave during any of her innumerable campaigns for public office.

Fans should note that single day tickets do not include camping and car parking.

In the eternal struggle against administrative incompetence, we need it every single day .


They are not normally thought of as potassium nitrate molecules existing as single entities outside the solid lattice.

Furthermore, they would be viewed as a single entity from a collections point of view.

In the public mind they're a single entity .

Any combination of fixed and mobile telephony and data communications can operate as a single entity over the Ericsson Business Network.

Good design brings house and garden together as a single entity .

Medved muddies the waters by treating cinema, television and pop more or less as a single entity .


Teams of horses in single file hauled trains of a dozen flat-topped wagons loaded with granite along these rails.

The jungle area we had to go into was so thick, the APCs could only travel single file .

Okay single file , we're coming to a wood.

The stairs are approached along a raised pavement so narrow the people must have walked along it in single file .

Men passed us, dark, bearded, stern, armed with sticks, walking swiftly in single file .

Then we are instructed to leave Damrosch Park single file .

A narrow spiral staircase leads up from chamber 2b to 2c; characters must ascend in single file .

Ambush patrols at night were always in single file , with no point or flank security.


The directive is designed to ease labour market restrictions and strengthen the single market.

The single market and economic and monetary union will expose regions and firms to greater competition.

For one thing, as Ian Lang rightly observed yesterday, that is how single markets work.

This could distort competition and reduce support in the business community for the single market .

But he praised its role in running the single market .

One aspect of Britain's opting out of the social charter is that it must surely undermine the single market .

What training, in languages and other skills, do we need to be ready for the single market ?


She was a single parent and had a nine-year-old son, Darren, who was in a home for mentally handicapped children.

Now we had plumbing and electric lights and, more important, that vital device for a single parent , a telephone.

Liz, 36, was left the single parent of Amy, now five.

Examiner contributor Elva Yanez is a single parent living in Albany.

And benefit changes make it easier for more families - including single parents - to combine work and family responsibilities.

A single parent with two or three children in California would lose $ 1 in income.

Only about 2 % nationally of single parent families are thought to be headed by the father.

Priority for assistance will be given to senior citizens, disabled and single parent families.


If a newspaper commissioned a political poll based on the opinion of a single person it would immediately become a laughing-stock.

Friedman argued that no single person , even a Nobel laureate, could make a pencil.

The figures are costed for a single person .

She has something that she brings the best out in every single person .

It produces five billion food packets every year; that's one for every single person on earth.

Almost at once he experienced what most religious innovators of his type suffered: not a single person joined his worldwide movement.

So the single person now receives the same tax relief on a £30,000 mortgage as a couple.


His own family-seven strong-live in a single room in the house.

Additional night, single room and upgrade prices are available.

Supplements per person per night: No single room supp.

The five-person group shared a single room , with a small anteroom to the side.

If no roommate is found, the line assigns a single room for the price of a shared room.?

Larger rooms sleep 3 people comfortably and there are also some single rooms available.


Williams said that he glanced away and suddenly heard several single shots .

Ruestman died from a single shot to his heart after answering a knock at the front door of his mobile home.

It has been used twice before to kill, and each time a single shot was fired.

The whole woman of reproductive age produces an ovum a month, representing a single shot at a pregnancy every twenty-eight days.

The latter was essential as the police only fired single shots .

From the hut behind them they had heard a single shot .

For scripting movies, there is a standard format in which each line represents a single shot .

Resolve damage at strength 5 for single shots , 4 for multiple shots.


The line was seven miles long, single track , and of standard gauge.

It was only a single track and had a gradient of 1 in 50 or worse for several miles.

We paddled under a single track embankment linking North Uist with Benbecula, exchanging waves with the friendly local driving overhead.

It was nine miles of single track with five intermediate stations.

For the time being, this single track was to be used as a terminus for the service.

The line could also be built in three segments and partially single track , reducing the finance required.


Women had the vote, and education and employment opportunities had increased significantly for single women.

The city was rife with forlorn single women , and there was plenty of blame to go around.

Just think what would happen if every single woman went on strike, refused to do housework.

Twenty percent of single women and 18 percent of women who are now separated or divorced answered yes.

As a single woman officer the crunch would come if she wished to marry some one who was not also an officer.

Also patron of eloquence, maidens, philosophers, preachers, single women , and students.

Pregnant single women , for example, were often taken in until after the birth.

So do 84 per-cent of divorced and separated women , and 78 percent of single women.


Stephen did not speak at all until he was seven and even now at 15 only answers questions with a single word .

Hyphens Hyphens, perhaps the most creative punctuation marks, join two or more words to create a single word.

Yet his serious manner at the very end of our conversation suggested he meant every single word he had just said.

Any small dictionary will provide an ample fund for single word technique.

His father had not spoken a single word to him, just followed him around the house, not a solitary word.

And then there was this shout, this single word , this name.


in single file

The class walked in single file down the hall.

The path was so narrow that we had to walk in single file.

the single market


a single -lane bridge

At my age it's difficult to meet single women.

Carla wore a single strand of pearls around her neck.

How does it feel to be single again?

I'm a single mother, so I don't have much money.

Jeff is 38 years old and still single .

Many of the children at the school come from single parent families.

Please fill in the section on the form that asks if you're single , married or divorced.

The Cubs won the game by a single point.

These trees can grow over a foot in a single summer.

We hope to establish a single safety standard for all airlines.


A single bug may catch ten or more termites in succession in this way.

And some will just have a single mention of the term you are searching for.

But Schweiker did not add a single delegate.

Forbes wanted to simplify filing taxes by narrowing the current five rates to a single flat rate.

However, the biggest single barrier remains the memory limitation inherent in chip storage.

In 1990 the Gift Aid Scheme allows tax relief on single cash gifts to charities.

The first four acts of Don Juan Tenorio take place in a single night.

Top with a spoonful of Creme fraiche or single cream and some whole mint leaves.

II. noun




His album Stars was last year's best seller and spawned a string of hit singles .


I suppose their new single will be the price of a double album!!



It was a memorable weekend for Pierre, as his son Paul, won the singles championship just 24 hours later.

Mortimer Barrett captured three of the four Grand Slam singles championships .


The singles chart needs to be treated as a separate entity, and not as a cheap promotions gimmick for greedy businessmen.

What do Feel think of the dance craze which is currently dominating the singles charts ?


Rita was on target to capture the singles title when a recurring leg injury regrettably ended her bid.

She began playing tennis at age 4, and has 21 Grand Slams singles titles to her credit.

Tilden won three Wimbledon singles titles .

He had three national singles titles .



My mind was the furthest away it could be to playing singles , so I pulled out of a couple of tournaments.

She will not, however, play singles in Atlanta.


It means there are no plans to release any more singles from her current album Wishing.

I was frustrated because they wouldn't allow us to release more than two singles from it.


He also won the Bangor Open singles this season, and deserves a lot of respect from the former champion.

Tilden won three Wimbledon singles titles.

Althea Gibson wins the women's singles title at Wimbledon in 1957.


Does anybody have five singles?

the Top 40 singles chart


In the men's singles, Hunter proceeded to the final without conceding a set and ended wildcard entry.

Or how many divorced singles live there.

She began playing tennis at age 4, and has 21 Grand Slams singles titles to her credit.

The average cost of recording a pop single was in thousands rather than hundreds of pounds.

The category of singles includes people in various stages of life.

The possibility of commercial suicide aside, the single was to become the perfect deflecting plate for the new album.

III. verb




No doubt there are many, but I would like to single out just three.

He didn't single out anyone by name.

Two forms of livestock in particular are worth singling out .

The mobile phone is then instructed to single out and decipher only the conversation with the right code.

It can single out for special treatment the special aggravating features of a crime.

By singling out the black population for a special history month makes all other races feel slighted.

They single out an old, young, or infirm animal and only then start the chase.

I single out Attitash only because I was there.


Rodriguez singled to left field.


By singling out the black population for a special history month makes all other races feel slighted.

Frequently we abstract from this covenant by singling out the Ten Commandments and ignoring much of the remainder of the Mosaic code.

He didn't single out anyone by name.

I will single out two of them.

In singling out gay men, the offence bears the hallmarks of homophobic prejudice, and belongs to the less tolerant era.

The mobile phone is then instructed to single out and decipher only the conversation with the right code.

They single out an old, young, or infirm animal and only then start the chase.

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