Meaning of CENTRE in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ sentə(r) ]

( centres, centring, centred)

Frequency: The word is one of the 700 most common words in English.

Note: in AM, use 'center'


A centre is a building where people have meetings, take part in a particular activity, or get help of some kind.

We went to a party at the leisure centre...

...the National Exhibition Centre.

N-COUNT : usu with supp , oft in names after n


If an area or town is a centre for an industry or activity, that industry or activity is very important there.

London is also the major international insurance centre.

N-COUNT : with supp


The centre of something is the middle of it.

A large wooden table dominates the centre of the room...

Bake until light golden and crisp around the edges and slightly soft in the centre.

N-COUNT : usu sing


The centre of a town or city is the part where there are the most shops and businesses and where a lot of people come from other areas to work or shop.

...the city centre.

N-COUNT : usu sing


If something or someone is at the centre of a situation, they are the most important thing or person involved.

...the man at the centre of the controversy...

At the centre of the inquiry has been concern for the pensioners involved.

N-COUNT : usu sing , usu N of n


If someone or something is the centre of attention or interest, people are giving them a lot of attention.

The rest of the cast was used to her being the centre of attention...

The centre of attraction was Pierre Auguste Renoir’s oil painting.

= focus

N-COUNT : usu sing , N of n


In politics, the centre refers to groups and their beliefs, when they are considered to be neither left-wing nor right-wing.

The Democrats have become a party of the centre.

...the centre parties.

N-SING : the N , oft N n


If something centres or is centred on a particular thing or person, that thing or person is the main subject of attention.

...a plan which centred on academic achievement and personal motivation...

When working with patients, my efforts are centred on helping them to overcome illness.

VERB : V on/around n , be V-ed on/around n

• -centred

...a child-centred approach to teaching.



If an industry or event is centred in a place, or if it centres there, it takes place to the greatest extent there.

The fighting has been centred around the town of Vucovar...

The disturbances have centred round the two main university areas...

Between 100 and 150 travellers’ vehicles were scattered around the county, with the largest gathering centred on Ampfield.

VERB : be V-ed prep , V prep , V-ed


see also community centre , detention centre , garden centre , health centre , job centre , left-of-centre , nerve centre , reception centre , remand centre , right-of-centre , shopping centre

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