Meaning of CENTRE in English


n. & v. (US center)


1. the middle point, esp. of a line, circle, or sphere, equidistant from the ends or from any point on the circumference or surface.

2 a pivot or axis of rotation.

3 a a place or group of buildings forming a central point in a district, city, etc., or a main area for an activity (shopping centre; town centre). b (with preceding word) a piece or set of equipment for a number of connected functions (music centre).

4 a point of concentration or dispersion; a nucleus or source.

5 a political party or group holding moderate opinions.

6 the filling in a chocolate etc.

7 Sport a the middle player in a line or group in some field games. b a kick or hit from the side to the centre of the pitch.

8 (in a lathe etc.) a conical adjustable support for the workpiece.

9 (attrib.) of or at the centre.


1. intr. (foll. by in, on; disp. foll. by round) have as its main centre.

2 tr. place in the centre.

3 tr. mark with a centre.

4 tr. (foll. by in etc.) concentrate.

5 tr. Sport kick or hit (the ball) from the side to the centre of the pitch.

Phrases and idioms:

centre-bit a boring tool with a centre point and side cutters. centre forward Sport the middle player or position in a forward line. centre half Sport the middle player or position in a half-back line. centre of attention

1. a person or thing that draws general attention.

2 Physics the point to which bodies tend by gravity. centre of gravity (or mass) the point at which the weight of a body may be considered to act.


1. an ornament for the middle of a table.

2 a principal item. centre spread the two facing middle pages of a newspaper etc.


centred adj. (often in comb.). centremost adj. centric adj. centrical adj. centricity n.

Etymology: ME f. OF centre or L centrum f. Gk kentron sharp point

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