Meaning of DUMP in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ dʌmp ]

( dumps, dumping, dumped)

Frequency: The word is one of the 3000 most common words in English.


If you dump something somewhere, you put it or unload it there quickly and carelessly. ( INFORMAL )

We dumped our bags at the nearby Grand Hotel and hurried towards the market...

VERB : V n prep / adv


If something is dumped somewhere, it is put or left there because it is no longer wanted or needed. ( INFORMAL )

The getaway car was dumped near a motorway tunnel...

The government declared that it did not dump radioactive waste at sea.

VERB : be V-ed , V n

• dump‧ing

German law forbids the dumping of hazardous waste on German soil.



A dump is a place where rubbish is left, for example on open ground outside a town.

...companies that bring their rubbish straight to the dump...

= tip



If you say that a place is a dump , you think it is ugly and unpleasant to live in or visit. ( INFORMAL )

N-COUNT [ disapproval ]


To dump something such as an idea, policy, or practice means to stop supporting or using it. ( INFORMAL )

Ministers believed it was vital to dump the poll tax before the election.

= ditch

VERB : V n


If a firm or company dumps goods, it sells large quantities of them at prices far below their real value, usually in another country, in order to gain a bigger market share or to keep prices high in the home market. ( BUSINESS )

It produces more than it needs, then dumps its surplus onto the world market.

VERB : V n


If you dump someone, you end your relationship with them. ( INFORMAL )

I thought he was going to dump me for another girl...

= ditch

VERB : V n


To dump computer data or memory means to copy it from one storage system onto another, such as from disk to magnetic tape. ( COMPUTING )

All the data is then dumped into the main computer.

VERB : V n into n


A dump is a list of the data that is stored in a computer’s memory at a particular time. Dumps are often used by computer programmers to find out what is causing a problem with a program. ( COMPUTING )

...a screen dump.


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