Meaning of FLAME in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ fleɪm ]

( flames, flaming, flamed)


A flame is a hot bright stream of burning gas that comes from something that is burning.

The heat from the flames was so intense that roads melted.

...a huge ball of flame.



A flame is an e-mail message which severely criticizes or attacks someone. ( COMPUTING INFORMAL )

The best way to respond to a flame is to ignore it.


Flame is also a verb.

Ever been flamed?

VERB : V n


see also flaming , old flame


If something bursts into flames or bursts into flame , it suddenly starts burning strongly.

She managed to scramble out of the vehicle as it burst into flames.

PHRASE : V inflects


If someone or something fans the flames of a situation or feeling, usually a bad one, they make it more intense or extreme in some way.

He accused the Tories of ‘fanning the flames of extremism’.

PHRASE : V inflects


If something goes up in flames , it starts to burn strongly and is destroyed.

Fires broke out everywhere, the entire city went up in flames.

PHRASE : V inflects


Something that is in flames is on fire.

PHRASE : v-link PHR

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