Meaning of FLUSH in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ flʌʃ ]

( flushes, flushing, flushed)


If you flush , your face goes red because you are hot or ill, or because you are feeling a strong emotion such as embarrassment or anger.

Do you sweat a lot or flush a lot?...

He turned away embarrassed, his face flushing red.

VERB : V , V colour

Flush is also a noun.

There was a slight flush on his cheeks.


• flushed

Her face was flushed with anger.

ADJ : oft ADJ with n


When someone flushes a toilet after using it, they fill the toilet bowl with water in order to clean it, usually by pressing a handle or pulling a chain. You can also say that a toilet flushes .

She flushed the toilet and went back in the bedroom.

...the sound of the toilet flushing.

VERB : V n , V

Flush is also a noun.

He heard the flush of a toilet.

N-COUNT : usu sing


If you flush something down the toilet, you get rid of it by putting it into the toilet bowl and flushing the toilet.

He was found trying to flush banknotes down the toilet.

VERB : V n down n


If you flush a part of your body, you clean it or make it healthier by using a large amount of liquid to get rid of dirt or harmful substances.

Flush the eye with clean cold water for at least 15 minutes...

= cleanse

VERB : V n

Flush out means the same as flush . ‘alternative’ therapy that gently flushes out the colon to remove toxins.

PHRASAL VERB : V P n (not pron) , also V n P


If you flush dirt or a harmful substance out of a place, you get rid of it by using a large amount of liquid.

That won’t flush out all the sewage, but it should unclog some stinking drains.

VERB : V n with out


If you flush people or animals out of a place where they are hiding, you find or capture them by forcing them to come out of that place.

They flushed them out of their hiding places...

The Guyana Defence Force is engaged in flushing out illegal Brazilian miners operating in the country.

VERB : V n out of n , V n with out


If one object or surface is flush with another, they are at the same height or distance from something else, so that they form a single smooth surface.

Make sure the tile is flush with the surrounding tiles.

= level

ADJ : v-link ADJ , oft ADJ with n


The flush of something is an intense feeling of excitement or pleasure that you have when you are experiencing it and for a short time afterwards.

...the first flush of young love. the flush of victory.

N-SING : N of n

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