Meaning of FLUSH in English


(~es, ~ing, ~ed)


If you ~, your face goes red because you are hot or ill, or because you are feeling a strong emotion such as embarrassment or anger.

Do you sweat a lot or ~ a lot?...

He turned away embarrassed, his face ~ing red.

VERB: V, V colour

Flush is also a noun.

There was a slight ~ on his cheeks.



Her face was ~ed with anger.

ADJ: oft ADJ with n


When someone ~es a toilet after using it, they fill the toilet bowl with water in order to clean it, usually by pressing a handle or pulling a chain. You can also say that a toilet ~es.

She ~ed the toilet and went back in the bedroom.

...the sound of the toilet ~ing.

VERB: V n, V

Flush is also a noun.

He heard the ~ of a toilet.

N-COUNT: usu sing


If you ~ something down the toilet, you get rid of it by putting it into the toilet bowl and ~ing the toilet.

He was found trying to ~ banknotes down the toilet.

VERB: V n down n


If you ~ a part of your body, you clean it or make it healthier by using a large amount of liquid to get rid of dirt or harmful substances.

Flush the eye with clean cold water for at least 15 minutes...

= cleanse


Flush out means the same as ~ . ‘alternative’ therapy that gently ~es out the colon to remove toxins.

PHRASAL VERB: V P n (not pron), also V n P


If you ~ dirt or a harmful substance out of a place, you get rid of it by using a large amount of liquid.

That won’t ~ out all the sewage, but it should unclog some stinking drains.

VERB: V n with out


If you ~ people or animals out of a place where they are hiding, you find or capture them by forcing them to come out of that place.

They ~ed them out of their hiding places...

The Guyana Defence Force is engaged in ~ing out illegal Brazilian miners operating in the country.

VERB: V n out of n, V n with out


If one object or surface is ~ with another, they are at the same height or distance from something else, so that they form a single smooth surface.

Make sure the tile is ~ with the surrounding tiles.

= level

ADJ: v-link ADJ, oft ADJ with n


The ~ of something is an intense feeling of excitement or pleasure that you have when you are experiencing it and for a short time afterwards.

...the first ~ of young love. the ~ of victory.

N-SING: N of n

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