Meaning of LINK in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ lɪŋk ]

( links, linking, linked)

Frequency: The word is one of the 1500 most common words in English.


If there is a link between two things or situations, there is a relationship between them, for example because one thing causes or affects the other.

...the link between smoking and lung cancer.

= connection

N-COUNT : usu N between/with n


If someone or something links two things or situations, there is a relationship between them, for example because one thing causes or affects the other.

The UN Security Council has linked any lifting of sanctions to compliance with the ceasefire terms...

Liver cancer is linked to the hepatitis B virus...

The detention raised two distinct but closely linked questions.

VERB : V n to/with n , V n to/with n , V-ed

see also index-linked


A link between two things or places is a physical connection between them.

...the high-speed rail link between London and the Channel Tunnel...

Stalin insisted that the radio link with the German Foreign Ministry should remain open.

N-COUNT : oft supp N , usu N between/with n


If two places or objects are linked or something links them, there is a physical connection between them.

...the Rama Road, which links the capital, Managua, with the Caribbean coast...

The campus is linked by regular bus services to Coventry.

...the Channel Tunnel linking Britain and France.

VERB : V n with/to n , V n with/to n , V pl-n


A link between two people, organizations, or places is a friendly or business connection between them.

Kiev hopes to cement close links with Bonn...

In 1984 the long link between AC Cars and the Hurlock family was severed...

A cabinet minister came under investigation for links to the Mafia.

N-COUNT : usu N with/between/to n


A link to another person or organization is something that allows you to communicate with them or have contact with them.

She was my only link with the past...

These projects will provide vital links between companies and universities.

N-COUNT : N with/between/to n


If you link one person or thing to another, you claim that there is a relationship or connection between them.

Criminologist Dr Ann Jones has linked the crime to social circumstances...

They’ve linked her with various men, including magnate Donald Trump.

VERB : V n to/with n , V n to/with n , also V pl-n


In computing, a link is a connection between different documents, or between different parts of the same document, using hypertext.


Link is also a verb.

Certainly, Andreessen didn’t think up using hypertext to link Internet documents.

VERB : V n


A link is one of the rings in a chain.



If you link one thing with another, you join them by putting one thing through the other.

She linked her arm through his...

He linked the fingers of his hands together on his stomach.

VERB : V n prep / adv , V n prep / adv , also V n

If two or more people link arms , or if one person links arms with another, they stand next to each other, and each person puts their arm round the arm of the person next to them.

She stayed with them, linking arms with the two girls, joking with the boys.

PHRASE : pl-n PHR , PHR with n


see also link-up

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