Meaning of MANIFEST in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ mænɪfest ]

( manifests, manifesting, manifested)


If you say that something is manifest , you mean that it is clearly true and that nobody would disagree with it if they saw it or considered it. ( FORMAL )

...the manifest failure of the policies...

There may be unrecognised cases of manifest injustice of which we are unaware.

= patent

ADJ : usu ADJ n

• mani‧fest‧ly

She manifestly failed to last the mile and a half of the race.

= patently

ADV : ADV with v , ADV with cl / group


If you manifest a particular quality, feeling, or illness, or if it manifests itself , it becomes visible or obvious. ( FORMAL )

He manifested a pleasing personality on stage...

Their frustration and anger will manifest itself in crying and screaming...

= show

VERB : V n , V pron-refl in n / -ing

Manifest is also an adjective.

The same alarm is manifest everywhere...

ADJ : usu v-link ADJ

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