Meaning of MANIFEST in English


/ ˈmænɪfest; NAmE / verb , adjective , noun

■ verb ( formal )


[ vn ] manifest sth (in sth) to show sth clearly, especially a feeling, an attitude or a quality

SYN demonstrate :

Social tensions were manifested in the recent political crisis.


[ vn ] manifest itself (in sth) to appear or become noticeable

SYN appear :

The symptoms of the disease manifested themselves ten days later.

■ adjective

manifest (to sb) (in sth) | manifest (in sth) ( formal ) easy to see or understand

SYN clear :

His nervousness was manifest to all those present.

The anger he felt is manifest in his paintings.

►  mani·fest·ly adverb :

manifestly unfair

The party has manifestly failed to achieve its goal.

■ noun

( technical ) a list of goods or passengers on a ship or an aircraft



verb and adjective late Middle English : via Old French from Latin manifestus .

noun mid 16th cent. (denoting a manifestation): from Italian manifesto , from manifestare , from Latin , make public, from manifestus obvious. The current sense dates from the early 17th cent.

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