Meaning of MARKET in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ mɑ:(r)kɪt ]

( markets, marketing, marketed)

Frequency: The word is one of the 700 most common words in English.


A market is a place where goods are bought and sold, usually outdoors.

He sold boots on a market stall.



The market for a particular type of thing is the number of people who want to buy it, or the area of the world in which it is sold. ( BUSINESS )

The foreign market was increasingly crucial.

...the Russian market for personal computers...

N-COUNT : usu sing , with supp , oft N for/in n


The market refers to the total amount of a product that is sold each year, especially when you are talking about the competition between the companies who sell that product. ( BUSINESS )

The two big companies control 72% of the market.

N-SING : the N


If you talk about a market economy, or the market price of something, you are referring to an economic system in which the prices of things depend on how many are available and how many people want to buy them, rather than prices being fixed by governments. ( BUSINESS )

Their ultimate aim was a market economy for Hungary...

He must sell the house for the current market value.

...the market price of cocoa.



To market a product means to organize its sale, by deciding on its price, where it should be sold, and how it should be advertised. ( BUSINESS )

...if you marketed our music the way you market pop music...

...if a soap is marketed as an anti-acne product.

VERB : V n , be V-ed as n


The job market or the labour market refers to the people who are looking for work and the jobs available for them to do. ( BUSINESS )

Every year, 250,000 people enter the job market.

...the changes in the labour market during the 1980s.

N-SING : the n N


The stock market is sometimes referred to as the market . ( BUSINESS )

The market collapsed last October.

N-SING : the N


see also black market , market forces , open market


If you say that it is a buyer’s market , you mean that it is a good time to buy a particular thing, because there is a lot of it available, so its price is low. If you say that it is a seller’s market , you mean that very little of it is available, so its price is high. ( BUSINESS )

Don’t be afraid to haggle: for the moment, it’s a buyer’s market...

PHRASE : v-link PHR


If you are in the market for something, you are interested in buying it.

If you’re in the market for a new radio, you’ll see that the latest models are very different.

PHRASE : v-link PHR , PHR n


If something is on the market , it is available for people to buy. If it comes onto the market , it becomes available for people to buy. ( BUSINESS )

...putting more empty offices on the market. medicines that have just come onto the market.

PHRASE : v-link PHR , PHR after v


If you price yourself out of the market , you try to sell goods or services at a higher price than other people, with the result that no one buys them from you. ( BUSINESS )

At £150,000 for a season, he really is pricing himself out of the market.

PHRASE : V inflects

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