Meaning of MARKET in English


n. & v.

n. 1 a the gathering of people for the purchase and sale of provisions, livestock, etc., esp. with a number of different vendors. b the time of this. 2 an open space or covered building used for this. 3 (often foll. by for) a demand for a commodity or service (goods find a ready market). 4 a place or group providing such a demand. 5 conditions as regards, or opportunity for, buying or selling. 6 the rate of purchase and sale, market value (the market fell). 7 (prec. by the) the trade in a specified commodity (the corn market). 8 (the Market) Brit. the European Economic Community.

v. (marketed, marketing) 1 tr. sell. 2 tr. offer for sale. 3 intr. buy or sell goods in a market. be in the market for wish to buy. be on (or come into) the market be offered for sale. make a market Stock Exch. induce active dealing in a stock or shares. market cross a structure erected in a market-place, orig. a stone cross, later an arcaded building. market-day a day on which a market is regularly held, usu. weekly. market garden a place where vegetables and fruit are grown for the market etc. market gardener a person who owns or is employed in a market garden. market maker Brit. a member of the Stock Exchange granted certain privileges and trading to prescribed regulations. market-place 1 an open space where a market is held in a town. 2 the scene of actual dealings. market price the price in current dealings. market research the study of consumers' needs and preferences. market town Brit. a town where a market is held. market value value as a saleable thing (opp. book value). put on the market offer for sale. marketer n. marketing n.

[ ME ult. f. L mercatus f. mercari buy: see MERCHANT ]

Concise Oxford English dictionary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка.