Meaning of MARKET in English

— marketer , n.

/mahr"kit/ , n.

1. an open place or a covered building where buyers and sellers convene for the sale of goods; a marketplace: a farmers' market.

2. a store for the sale of food: a meat market.

3. a meeting of people for selling and buying.

4. the assemblage of people at such a meeting.

5. trade or traffic, esp. as regards a particular commodity: the market in cotton.

6. a body of persons carrying on extensive transactions in a specified commodity: the cotton market.

7. the field of trade or business: the best shoes in the market.

8. demand for a commodity: an unprecedented market for leather.

9. a body of existing or potential buyers for specific goods or services: the health-food market.

10. a region in which goods and services are bought, sold, or used: the foreign market; the New England market.

11. current price or value: a rising market for shoes.

12. See stock market .

13. at the market , at the prevailing price in the open market.

14. in the market for , ready to buy; interested in buying: I'm in the market for a new car.

15. on the market , for sale; available: Fresh asparagus will be on the market this week.


16. to buy or sell in a market; deal.

17. to buy food and provisions for the home.


18. to carry or send to market for disposal: to market produce every week.

19. to dispose of in a market; sell.

[ 1100-1150; ME, late OE marcatus, L mercatus trading, traffic, market ]

Syn. 19. vend, merchandise, peddle.

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