Meaning of MASS in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ mæs ]

( masses, massing, massed)

Frequency: The word is one of the 1500 most common words in English.


A mass of things is a large number of them grouped together.

On his desk is a mass of books and papers.

N-SING : N of n


A mass of something is a large amount of it.

She had a mass of auburn hair.

N-SING : N of n


Masses of something means a great deal of it. ( INFORMAL )

There’s masses of work for her to do...

It has masses of flowers each year.

QUANT : QUANT of n-uncount / pl-n


Mass is used to describe something which involves or affects a very large number of people.

...ideas on combating mass unemployment...

...weapons of mass destruction.



A mass of a solid substance, a liquid, or a gas is an amount of it, especially a large amount which has no definite shape.

...before it cools and sets into a solid mass...

The fourteenth century cathedral was reduced to a mass of rubble.

N-COUNT : oft N of n


If you talk about the masses , you mean the ordinary people in society, in contrast to the leaders or the highly educated people.

His music is commercial. It is aimed at the masses...

N-PLURAL : the N


The mass of people are most of the people in a country, society, or group.

The 1939-45 world war involved the mass of the population...

= bulk, majority

N-SING : the N of n


When people or things mass , or when you mass them, they gather together into a large crowd or group.

Shortly after the workers went on strike, police began to mass at the shipyard...

The General was massing his troops for a counterattack.

= gather

VERB : V , V n


If you say that something is a mass of things, you mean that it is covered with them or full of them.

In the spring, the meadow is a mass of daffodils.

N-SING : N of n


In physics, the mass of an object is the amount of physical matter that it has. ( TECHNICAL )

Astronomers know that Pluto and Triton have nearly the same size, mass, and density.



Mass is a Christian church ceremony, especially in a Roman Catholic or Orthodox church, during which people eat bread and drink wine in order to remember the last meal of Jesus Christ.

She attended a convent school and went to Mass each day.



see also massed , critical mass , land mass

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