Meaning of MASS in English

vi to celebrate mass.

2. mass ·noun a large quantity; a sum.

3. mass ·noun bulk; magnitude; body; size.

4. mass ·noun the principal part; the main body.

5. mass ·noun the quantity of matter which a body contains, irrespective of its bulk or volume.

6. mass ·noun the sacrifice in the sacrament of the eucharist, or the consecration and oblation of the host.

7. mass ·noun a medicinal substance made into a cohesive, homogeneous lump, of consistency suitable for making pills; as, blue mass.

8. mass ·vt to form or collect into a mass; to form into a collective body; to bring together into masses; to assemble.

9. mass ·noun the portions of the mass usually set to music, considered as a musical composition;

— namely, the kyrie, the gloria, the credo, the sanctus, and the agnus dei, besides sometimes an offertory and the benedictus.

10. mass ·noun a quantity of matter cohering together so as to make one body, or an aggregation of particles or things which collectively make one body or quantity, usually of considerable size; as, a mass of ore, metal, sand, or water.

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