Meaning of POTENTIAL in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ pətenʃ(ə)l ]

Frequency: The word is one of the 1500 most common words in English.


You use potential to say that someone or something is capable of developing into the particular kind of person or thing mentioned.

The firm has identified 60 potential customers at home and abroad...

We are aware of the potential problems and have taken every precaution.

= possible


• po‧ten‧tial‧ly

Clearly this is a potentially dangerous situation...

ADV : ADV with cl / group


If you say that someone or something has potential , you mean that they have the necessary abilities or qualities to become successful or useful in the future.

The school strives to treat pupils as individuals and to help each one to achieve their full potential...

Denmark recognised the potential of wind energy early.

N-UNCOUNT : also N in pl


If you say that someone or something has potential for doing a particular thing, you mean that it is possible they may do it. If there is the potential for something, it may happen.

John seemed as horrified as I about his potential for violence...

The meeting has the potential to be a watershed event...

N-UNCOUNT : also N in pl , with supp , oft N for n / -ing

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