Meaning of PROBABILITY in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ prɒbəbɪlɪti ]

( probabilities)


The probability of something happening is how likely it is to happen, sometimes expressed as a fraction or a percentage.

Without a transfusion, the victim’s probability of dying was 100%...

The probabilities of crime or victimization are higher with some situations than with others...



You say that there is a probability that something will happen when it is likely to happen.

If you’ve owned property for several years, the probability is that values have increased...

His story-telling can push the bounds of probability a bit far at times.

N-VAR [ vagueness ]


If you say that something will happen in all probability , you mean that you think it is very likely to happen.

The Republicans had better get used to the fact that in all probability, they are going to lose...

PHRASE : PHR with cl [ vagueness ]

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