Meaning of PROBABILITY in English


ˌpräbəˈbiləd.ē, -lətē, -i noun

( -es )

Etymology: Middle French probabilité, from Latin probabilitat-, probabilitas, from probabilis probable + -itat-, -itas -ity — more at probable

1. : the quality or state of being probable

such an incredible turn of events lacks probability

2. : something (as an occurrence, circumstance) that is probable

that this will happen is a probability

felt that the appointment was a decided probability



(1) : the ratio of the number of outcomes in an exhaustive set of equally likely outcomes that produce a given event to the total number of possible outcomes

(2) : the chance that a given event will occur

b. : a branch of mathematics concerned with the study of probabilities

4. : a logical relation between statements such that any evidence confirming one necessarily confirms the other to some degree

- in all probability

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