Meaning of RENDEZVOUS in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ rɒndeɪvu: ]

The form 'rendezvous' is pronounced /rɒndeɪvu:z/ when it is the plural of the noun or the third person singular of the verb.

( rendezvousing, rendezvoused)


A rendezvous is a meeting, often a secret one, that you have arranged with someone for a particular time and place.

I had almost decided to keep my rendezvous with Tony.



A rendezvous is the place where you have arranged to meet someone, often secretly.

Their rendezvous would be the Penta Hotel at Heathrow Airport.



If you rendezvous with someone or if the two of you rendezvous , you meet them at a time and place that you have arranged.

The plan was to rendezvous with him on Sunday afternoon...

She wondered where they were going to rendezvous afterwards.

= meet

V-RECIP : V with n , pl-n V

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