Meaning of RENDEZVOUS in English


I. ˈrän-di-ˌvü, -dā- noun

( plural ren·dez·vous -ˌvüz)

Etymology: Middle French, from rendez vous present yourselves

Date: 1582


a. : a place appointed for assembling or meeting

b. : a place of popular resort : haunt

2. : a meeting at an appointed place and time

3. : the process of bringing two spacecraft together

II. verb

( ren·dez·voused -ˌvüd ; ren·dez·vous·ing -ˌvü-iŋ ; ren·dez·vouses -ˌvüz)

Date: 1645

intransitive verb

: to come together at a rendezvous

transitive verb

1. : to bring together at a rendezvous

2. : to meet at a rendezvous

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