Meaning of SCHOOL in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ sku:l ]

( schools, schooling, schooled)

Frequency: The word is one of the 700 most common words in English.


A school is a place where children are educated. You usually refer to this place as school when you are talking about the time that children spend there and the activities that they do there.

...a boy who was in my class at school...

Even the good students say homework is what they most dislike about school...

I took the kids for a picnic in the park after school.

...a school built in the Sixties...

...two boys wearing school uniform.

N-VAR : usu prep N


A school is the pupils or staff at a school.

Deirdre, the whole school’s going to hate you.



A privately-run place where a particular skill or subject is taught can be referred to as a school .

...a riding school and equestrian centre near Chepstow.



A university, college, or university department specializing in a particular type of subject can be referred to as a school .

...a lecturer in the school of veterinary medicine at the University of Pennsylvania...

Stella, 21, is at art school training to be a fashion designer.



School is used to refer to university or college. ( AM )

Moving rapidly through school, he graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Kentucky at age 18.



A particular school of writers, artists, or thinkers is a group of them whose work, opinions, or theories are similar.

...the Chicago school of economists...

N-COUNT-COLL : usu with supp


A school of fish or dolphins is a large group of them moving through water together.



If you school someone in something, you train or educate them to have a certain skill, type of behaviour, or way of thinking. ( WRITTEN )

Many mothers schooled their daughters in the myth of female inferiority...

He is schooled to spot trouble.

VERB : V n in n , be V-ed to-inf


To school a child means to educate him or her. ( AM; also BRIT FORMAL )

She’s been schooling her kids herself.

VERB : V n


If you school a horse, you train it so that it can be ridden in races or competitions.

She bought him as a £1,000 colt of six months and schooled him.

= train

VERB : V n


see also schooled , schooling , after-school , approved school , boarding school , church school , convent school , driving school , finishing school , grade school , graduate school , grammar school , high school , infant school , junior school , middle school , night school , nursery school , pre-school , prep school , primary school , private school , public school , special school , state school , summer school , Sunday school

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