Meaning of SCHOOL in English

school 1

— schoolable , adj. — schoolless , adj. — schoollike , adj.

/skoohl/ , n.

1. an institution where instruction is given, esp. to persons under college age: The children are at school.

2. an institution for instruction in a particular skill or field.

3. a college or university.

4. a regular course of meetings of a teacher or teachers and students for instruction; program of instruction: summer school.

5. a session of such a course: no school today; to be kept after school.

6. the activity or process of learning under instruction, esp. at a school for the young: As a child, I never liked school.

7. one's formal education: They plan to be married when he finishes school.

8. a building housing a school.

9. the body of students, or students and teachers, belonging to an educational institution: The entire school rose when the principal entered the auditorium.

10. a building, room, etc., in a university, set apart for the use of one of the faculties or for some particular purpose: the school of agriculture.

11. a particular faculty or department of a university having the right to recommend candidates for degrees, and usually beginning its program of instruction after the student has completed general education: medical school.

12. any place, situation, etc., tending to teach anything.

13. the body of pupils or followers of a master, system, method, etc.: the Platonic school of philosophy.

14. Art.

a. a group of artists, as painters, writers, or musicians, whose works reflect a common conceptual, regional, or personal influence: the modern school; the Florentine school.

b. the art and artists of a geographical location considered independently of stylistic similarity: the French school.

15. any group of persons having common attitudes or beliefs.

16. Mil. , Navy. parts of close-order drill applying to the individual (school of the soldier) , the squad (school of the squad) , or the like.

17. Australian and New Zealand Informal. a group of people gathered together, esp. for gambling or drinking.

18. schools , Archaic. the faculties of a university.

19. Obs. the schoolmen in a medieval university.


20. of or connected with a school or schools.

21. Obs. of the schoolmen.


22. to educate in or as if in a school; teach; train.

23. Archaic. to reprimand.

[ bef. 900; ME scole (n.), OE scol schola scholé leisure employed in learning ]

school 2

/skoohl/ , n.

1. a large number of fish, porpoises, whales, or the like, feeding or migrating together.


2. to form into, or go in, a school, as fish.

[ 1350-1400; ME schol ( e ) school; c. OE scolu troop; see SHOAL 2 ]

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