Meaning of SEARCH in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ sɜ:(r)tʃ ]

( searches, searching, searched)

Frequency: The word is one of the 1500 most common words in English.


If you search for something or someone, you look carefully for them.

The Turkish security forces have started searching for the missing men...

Nonetheless there are signs that both sides may be searching for a compromise.

VERB : V for n , V for n


If you search a place, you look carefully for something or someone there.

Armed troops searched the hospital yesterday...

She searched her desk for the necessary information...

Relief workers are still searching through collapsed buildings looking for victims.

VERB : V n , V n for n , V prep


A search is an attempt to find something or someone by looking for them carefully.

There was no chance of him being found alive and the search was abandoned...

Egypt has said there is no time to lose in the search for a Middle East settlement.

N-COUNT : oft N for n


If a police officer or someone else in authority searches you, they look carefully to see whether you have something hidden on you.

The man took her suitcase from her and then searched her...

His first task was to search them for weapons.

VERB : V n , V n for n


If you search for information on a computer, you give the computer an instruction to find that information. ( COMPUTING )

You can use a directory service to search for people on the Internet.

VERB : V for n

Search is also a noun.

He was doing a computer search of local news articles.



see also searching , strip-search


If you go in search of something or someone, you try to find them.

Miserable, and unexpectedly lonely, she went in search of Jean-Paul...

The law already denies entry to people in search of better economic opportunities.

PHRASE : PHR after v , PHR n


You say ‘ search me ’ when someone asks you a question and you want to emphasize that you do not know the answer. ( INFORMAL )

CONVENTION [ emphasis ]

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