Meaning of SEARCH in English


/ sɜːtʃ; NAmE sɜːrtʃ/ noun , verb

■ noun


search (for sb/sth) an attempt to find sb/sth, especially by looking carefully for them / it :

a long search for the murder weapon

Detectives carried out a thorough search of the building.

She went into the kitchen in search of (= looking for) a drink.

The search for a cure goes on.

The search is on (= has begun) for someone to fill the post.

Eventually the search was called off.

a search and rescue team


( computing ) an act of looking for information in a computer database or network :

to do a search on the Internet

■ verb


search (sth) (for sth/sb) to look carefully for sth/sb; to examine a particular place when looking for sb/sth :

[ v + adv. / prep. ]

She searched in vain for her passport.

The customs officers searched through our bags.

I've searched high and low for those files.

[ vn ]

His house had clearly been searched and the book was missing.

Firefighters searched the buildings for survivors.

searching the Web for interesting sites

[ v , vn ]

Police searched for clues in the area.

Police searched the area for clues.


[ vn ] search sb (for sth) ( especially of the police ) to examine sb's clothes, their pockets, etc. in order to find sth that they may be hiding :

Visitors are regularly searched as they enter the building.

The youths were arrested and searched for anything that would incriminate them.

—see also strip-search


[ v ] search (for sth) to think carefully about sth, especially in order to find the answer to a problem :

He searched desperately for something to say.

—see also soul-searching


- search me


- search sth/sb out



Middle English : from Old French cerchier (verb), from late Latin circare go round, from Latin circus circle.

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