Meaning of SEARCH in English


I. noun


a desperate search

The female bear has left her young in a desperate search for food.

a search for clues

She opened every drawer in her desperate search for clues.

a searching/probing question (= one designed to find things out )

The immigration officer asked me some searching questions.

a vain search

Mothers have been to every shop in town in a vain search for the toy.

body search

Everyone entering the building had a body search.

carry out a search

Here are some more ways of carrying out information searches online.

carry out a search

Here are some more ways of carrying out information searches online.

conduct a search

The Spanish authorities conducted a nationwide search for the girl.

frantic search

a frantic search for her father

frantically searched

He frantically searched for the key.

go through/look through/search through drawers (= try to find something by looking in drawers )

I've been through all my drawers and I can't find it.

look for/search for a bargain

She began looking for bargains at car boot sales.

look for/search for evidence

The investigation will look for evidence of financial mismanagement.

mount a campaign/challenge/search etc

Friends of the Earth are mounting a campaign to monitor the illegal logging of trees.

search engine

search for words (= try to think of words to use )

She hesitated, searching for words.

search for...roots

Alex Haley’s story about his search for his roots became a bestseller.

search party

Let’s get going or they’ll send out a search party .

search (sth) for clues

Detectives are still searching the house for clues.

search warrant

search your pocket (= look for something in your pocket )

I searched my pockets for my train ticket but it wasn't there.

seek/search for/look for a cure

$3 billion a year is spent searching for a cure for cancer.

send party

Let’s get going or they’ll send out a search party .

strip search

the search for a cure

Billions of pounds have been spent on the search for a cure.




He's suffering from dehydration because of his fruitless search for water.

Long have I combed the vilest quarters of this town on fruitless search for thee.


A £100,000 nationwide search , involving a helicopter, was launched.

Her disappearance prompted a nationwide search .

Her successor would be selected after a nationwide search , and a thorough vetting by the appropriate parish committees.

Will interim athletic director Paul Bubb be deemed the most-qualified candidate after a nationwide search is conducted?

The horrifying news sent the Ciprianos on a nationwide search to find the best possible treatment for their daughter.

Klaas was missing for two months, prompting a nationwide search .

A nationwide search was under way for a typical coed.


In 1987 David Jewitt instituted a systematic search of the outer Solar System for faint, slow-moving objects.

This will involve a systematic search through library catalogues, and has several purposes.


After that we made a thorough search of the chapel, its walls, flagstones and altar, but there was nothing.

I want a thorough search of the whole building, particularly possible means of access and exit.

Julius quickly sorted through them, tossing them carelessly on to the floor as he continued his fast but thorough search .

A thorough search was made but nothing was found.

A prerequisite for linkage studies would thus be a thorough search for subclinical manifestations of inherited liability.

Now Benning wanted a thorough search and with Carter in custody this should pose no problem.



Yahoo!, set up in 1994, was originally a straight forward internet search engine .

McKinley and Excite currently command two of the five most prominent spots for search engines on the Netscape browser home page.

If you're going to add a Web search engine to your site, this is a lot easier.

You only need type the merest hint of innuendo into a search engine to come face to face with a porno advert.

Specialty search engines are another useful resource.

Or send a search engine to forage for the best prices or availability across hundreds of shops simultaneously.

In addition, the site provides access to hundreds of specialty search engines , organized by category.


Proactive job search Perhaps as a child you were sent with a list to the corner shop.

Perhaps it is but where in that world are you going to start your job search ?

The follow-up survey planned for Spring 1985 will test just how successful they have been in job search .

B.. Present a formal written resume of your work and employment experience, appropriate for future job searches .

The job search took him seven years, and by that time he was ripe for retirement.

There are several methods you could use for your job search , most of which have limitations.

In any event, my movements are dictated by no income for such social travelling and my job search .

Another plus to an online job search is that many companies use their home pages to inform and entice potential hires.


There's a couple of search parties organized.

A search party fanned the countryside.

When they did not return that night, Richard led a search party for them at first light the following morning.

A search party found him the next day, dead from exposure.

I can't let him organize a search party .

Thirteen men were missing and search parties were organised from amongst the trapped men and sent out to look for them.

I kept that up until dawn, when the search party returned, Esmerelda-less, then I let myself go to sleep.

The problem was making her presence known to any search party .


The evidence he had provided in his report had been deemed too conjectural for the issuing of a search warrant .

It declared that the village had a search warrant for her home and would return sometime in the next 30 days.

Prosecutors would need court permission for arrests and search warrants and could no longer overturn rulings they do not like.

Two handguns were recovered during service of the search warrants .

Even a policeman wouldn't dare poke about without a search warrant - and you're not a policeman.

Investigators on Monday sought a search warrant to examine a summer home the Ramseys own in Charlevoix, Mich.

He's probably gone for a search warrant ... Jim Henderson in the Raven says he was watching people at the bar.

Searches of private property for illegal aliens can be made without a search warrant .



We should not abandon the search for a better way of determining pay for all health service staff.

By the 1990s, large and institutional investors had abandoned the search for security and demanded instead fat returns on investments.

After throwing things around in a very haphazard fashion she finally abandoned her search .

Somewhat bewildered, they abandoned the search and the world heard about yet another maritime tragedy.


Two divers were still missing south of St Abbs, and the lifeboat began a search for them.

Finding the prisoners gone, the mob began to search for an object on which to vent its anger.

He parked his car off Warwick Avenue and, locking it up, began his search .

The characters will automatically appear at the prompt, and the search will begin .

After a year or two the child's family placement worker will begin the search for a new family.

The city then began a search that continues today.

The sound began before our search was completed and it stopped me in my tracks, leaving Malc to continue alone.

Police evacuated the immediate area and began a meticulous search for other bombs after the second explosion.


After that they are free to carry out the search for their birth parents.

Go to your library and carry out a literature search on that particular system.

One of the students had tried to carry out a literature search during the summer, before coming on the course.

It was Major Volpi who had been given responsibility for putting up road-blocks and carrying out house-to-house searches .

They were supposed to be carrying out an arms search .

So you knew how to carry out a literature search before you came on this course?


They were nowhere to be seen, so I then conducted a search of all the store rooms and outhouses.

I conduct executive searches for senior-level management, so I know a fair bit about how these companies are managed.

Peacekeeping troops set up road blocks and conducted house-to-house searches .

Police arrived within minutes and conducted a cursory search of the property.

Appian Way, for instance, offer data disks that can conduct searches and produce material relevant to specific topics.

Security forces were reportedly conducting a search operation to find the attackers.

He was conducting yet another search of the quarter.


Discussion between football representatives and Brussels continued in the search for an agreement.

I continued my search , working with delicacy, leaving the contents of each drawer undisturbed.

After the soldiers had taken away all the men, they continued their search for valuables.

If you choose to continue your genealogy search , I wish you happy hunting and good fortune.

Isaacs, meanwhile, continues the search for places to hold his tournaments.

Four people are missing, and the U. S. Coast Guard continued its search for wreckage.


We are sorry there was no index to help in the search for these.

Elizabeth Hurley helps him search for his brother, who might have wronged the wrong crowd.

I declined requests from the Soviet Embassy to help them in their search .

He found a business broker to help him in his search .

She was helped in her search by her sister Nephthys, the wife of Seth, who could not condone his action.

At one point, city public works employees were called away from their duties to help in the search .

Several influences combined in this period to help him in the search for an alternative theological approach.

Baer later told the committee he would help Beer in her search .


Theatres, cinemas and restaurants in the area were also evacuated as police launched a frantic search and found the B-registration van.

At the same time, materials scientists launch an extensive search for other materials that might have similar effects.

Police backed by a helicopter launched a search , but no arrests were reported.

And perhaps he wasn't going to wait until morning before launching a search .


He phoned an animal helpline, which got the Devon moor's rangers to mount a search .

Seventy five officers - some armed - mounted a search .


Or send a search engine to forage for the best prices or availability across hundreds of shops simultaneously.

Only to find that Barry Spence, the Warden, had sent out a search party for me.

It should have sent a search program down the cable first.

Your parents will be sending out search parties.


The best general directories are: Yahoo is the best place to start any search .

I started the search because I wanted medical information and heritage information.

Perhaps it is but where in that world are you going to start your job search ?

Mr Byers has started the search for his replacement.

C., or another location, you should start your job search in the area you want to move to.

It is not clear why the local police did not start the search immediately.

You should also start your search at the top of any particular accounting firm.


house-to-house inquiries/search/collection etc

Another was a newcomer to our church and to our city, doing an Edinburgh house-to-house collection for the first time.

It was Major Volpi who had been given responsibility for putting up road-blocks and carrying out house-to-house searches.

Officers would also be making house-to-house inquiries, said a Hertfordshire Police spokesman.

Peacekeeping troops set up road blocks and conducted house-to-house searches.

Road blocks were set up and a helicopter brought in from Manchester as police began house-to-house inquiries.

Some 200 militants were arrested in house-to-house searches beginning on April 13.

The street collection raised £255.41 and the house-to-house collection realised £2,928.

We will be making street and house-to-house collections during Battle of Britain Week.

look/search high and low

We looked high and low for Sandy but couldn't find her.

He had searched high and low for these.

Throughout her letters, Clappe was searching high and low for a room of her own.

You say you have looked high and low for new building sites but let me tell you there are some.

searching look/glance/gaze

Crouched down beside it, Delaney took another searching glance behind him, at the lifeless, cluttered room.

Guy led Chalon back on to the road, casting another searching glance up at Isabel's closed face.

Soul searching Look no further for a hot new boy band.

The searching gaze was too much for Denis.


FBI agents carried out a search of all the nightclubs in the area.

I did a quick search on the Internet and found three airlines with tickets available on that date.

Police are carrying out house-to-house searches in villages near the scene of the murder.

Rescuers are continuing their search for survivors of the crash.

Their search for gold took them west to Washington State.

When the men did not return, the commanding officer sent out a search party.


And each subsequent day, as the poignant search continued, she welcomed me back.

Last June a judge dismissed the fine, declaring that the village must obtain search warrants before conducting the inspections.

Many of its best-educated residents have been driven to neighboring counties in search of better jobs.

Much has been spent, to little effect, on the search for a vaccine.

The search for the seat of divinity in man and nature is only a prelude to the aspiration for transcendence.

The multinational drug companies are often exploiting that knowledge in their constant search for new and more profitable drugs.

II. verb




We sat around the table, searching frantically for explanations and hoping unavailingly for good news.

Panic-stricken parents, their faces twisted in fear, ran to the school and frantically searched for their sons or daughters.

As he did so, he frantically searched his mind for something reassuring to say to the maniac in the back.

He had searched frantically for the hobby section.

Suddenly, the Doctor stopped, frantically searching his pockets.


It is certainly worth searching out .

In searching out its wonders, we are learning simultaneously the wonder of ourselves.

When you learn how to search out and retrieve information you are in possession of a golden key to doing successful public relations.

Men prowled the motel like packs of wolves searching out easy prey.

Most of the enemies of these insects are small birds out searching for a tasty meal.

He sighted the bottle, searched out a glass, and poured himself some of the white.

Trent dropped down into the galley and took his time searching out a tin of ginger biscuits.

He does not know where his father was, perhaps out searching for food.


One month after Pamela took her life, her family is still searching for a reason.

Police were still searching , however, for 19 people who slipped the first dragnet.

At 72 and in poor health, he suffered a heart attack while police officers were still searching for clues.

Authorities are still searching for additional explosives in the area.

Detectives are still searching for the murder weapon, probably a wooden handled knife.

The guy is still searching for a style.

The internal critique is more searching still .

The Rachel, still searching for its missing whale-boat crew, rescues him.



She searched for a suitable answer to Cyril's question, but could not find one.

In Madras recuperating from the effects of dysentery self-induced by dietetic experiments, Gandhi searched for an answer .

Any serious misfortune can leave a victim searching for answers and explanations, but polio was peculiarly unyielding to accountability.

There is always a reason, and searching for the answer is part of the fun.

It was a year when people searched for answers in odd places, from white-male militias to Million Man Marches.

HelpDesk requests are stored in an historical database, which can be searched for effective answers to future reader queries.

He startled her by asking, by searching for an answer through her eyes.


The pilots were able to search some areas below the fog, but said visibility was almost nil at higher levels.

Two people walked through calf-deep water, searching the crash area .

The thought occurred to him that he'd have to search the garage area for a hammer.

By Sunday, volunteers had gathered and searched the area in cars, on foot and by airplane.

A team of police have spent the day searching the area surrounding the house.

She searched the area for three days and verified all my descriptions but found no wreckage of the transport and gave up.

Rescue teams used everything from golf buggies to a sea king helicopter to search the area adjoining the golf course.

The injured Adams did not search the area .


The police have been searching the site for clues , and talking to eye witnesses.

Instead, I searched everywhere for external clues to my feelings.

At 72 and in poor health, he suffered a heart attack while police officers were still searching for clues .

Without records, investigators are interviewing workers and searching for physical clues to what happened.

Bewildered and uneasy, she searches the past for clues .

She regularly tramped remote areas searching for clues .

Police, forensic and bomb squad officers are still searching for clues to the cause of that blast.


Suppose now that we wish to search the database for axes similar in shape to some given axe.

Curious, he searched through his database of about 1, 000 people screened for similar mutations.

The third screen gives some useful hints and tips for searching the database .

You're merely searching a database of Web pages located on the search engine's server.

Users can now search the database by entering whole words or parts of them.

These features are of secondary importance in searching the database in this assignment.

Anyone searching the resultant database by means of a computer terminal has almost instantaneous access to every item in the newspaper.


The blue eyes searched her face with a dispassionate curiousity.

He stood over Byron, searching Byron's face .

Worried, Delaney followed, searching her face , fearing the tell-tale signs of toxicity.

For a moment he held her head in his hands, searching her face with a strange expression in his eyes.

He was attentive and thoughtful, without fussing over her or searching her face for signs of tiredness or ill-health.

She searched his face for just the slightest hint that there might be the chance of some give in his rigidity.

He was regarding her questioningly, searching her face as if it could tell him something.

Topaz searched his face for some indication that her mission would be successful, but she found no hint of benevolence.


It eliminates the need to search the file sequentially.

Users typically download free software that allows them to search for files on the computers of other participating users.

In particular, a database user may want to search a file in a number of ways, according to a particular application.

The microcomputer then searches the file to discover any entries indexed using both keywords.

A second technique that greatly improves the speed of searching a sequential file is to use a logarithmic search.

Also, you should never waste time and money searching for files or papers.


Then one stood guard over her while the other two searched the house .

There was no way I could search the entire house , but I could certainly comb a couple of places.

A warrant had then been obtained to search Mr Righton's house .

Jimmy went back in and searched the house .

He thoroughly searched the house and came up with some startling and damning evidence.

Moving through the rooms stealthily, he searches the house for the kit Skeeter must use to fix Jill with.

They then searched the house to find out whether Bland, of Prior Dene, Darlington, was inside.

They searched the house , emptying drawers and kicking in a wall in the process.


The ability to search for supporting detailed information as time and necessity dictate. 11.

More narrowly, purchasing departments inside organizations search for information about specific courses of action, such as the purchase of equipment.

First, you can use the Yahoo! database of categories to search for the information .

He pored over geography books in the Richmond library, searching for information on climate, soil conditions, and crop yields.

When you learn how to search out and retrieve information you are in possession of a golden key to doing successful public relations.

Thus, visitors save on the costs of searching out good information .

This can make markets more efficient, and lets investors spend less time and money searching for information .

Because of the limits, individuals search for information in a highly selective way and operate within simplified models of the world.


At 72 and in poor health, he suffered a heart attack while police officers were still searching for clues.

Hundreds of police officers are searching the territory.

Fire officers wearing breathing apparatus searched the building but there was no one trapped.

A spokesman told us: The officers who searched the house were using their statutory powers.

Mr MacDonald has been taken to Banbury for questioning and scenes of crime officers have been searching his house this afternoon.

A postmortem examination is being carried out to find the cause of death and forensic officers have searched the surrounding area.

Police, forensic and bomb squad officers are still searching for clues to the cause of that blast.

He'd been beaten about the head. 60 police officers are now searching for his killer.


Today they came to search the place .

We can get a warrant to search your place at any time.

Next evening Dad drove the hired car round Mosta, searching for the meeting place .

She knew Doyle would do his best to protect her but what if they decided to search the place anyway?

It is a bit strange you only searching this place now, isn't it?

You spend less time searching for a place to work and more time actually working.

He knew what he'd find in the wardrobe upstairs if he ever had to search the place .


He moved to the small table, put down his glass and searched in his pockets for his cigarettes.

He searched every pocket , and the pockets in the buff-colored vest, for a garage ticket, but he found none.

Then she searched his other pockets .

He restrained himself from searching the pockets until he arrived home, in case it mightn't work in the open.

Then he searched his pockets and took out a cigarette packet and shook it, but it was empty.

Suddenly, the Doctor stopped, frantically searching his pockets .

Pollsters have searched in vain for pockets of disloyalty.

Maxim had time to search the man's pockets - and then suddenly he hadn't.


Daytona Beach Police started searching for Seay on Dec. 23, 1988, when she was reported missing.

The police searched surrounding buildings and then asked some staff to return to shops and begin their own search.

Cuyahoga County judge Patrick Curran ruled police had no right searching Mesa's car and dismissed the gun charge.

Hundreds of police officers are searching the territory.

Arlington police spokesman Dee Anderson said police began searching for the truck moments after Kevil called but found nothing.

Patient is strangled POLICE searched a hospital yesterday after an ex-patient was tied up and strangled with a scarf.

Would we allow the police to search the sacred precincts of marital bedrooms for telltale signs of the use of contraceptives?


She didn't know whether or not he was sniffing but when I searched his room I found empty aerosols.

I held on to him while my eyes searched the room .

Curious, she went upstairs and searched the rooms .

She searched the room for Claire.

His eyes searched the room rapidly, then fell on the door leading to the connecting bathroom.

He searched the room for cigarettes.

They searched all the upstairs rooms .

Although she and Jane searched the room for an hour there was not a trace of blood.


In him she had found something her Libran soul had been searching for.

This leads Azucena on a search through the universe to reclaim her twin soul .

To a point at least, you can take each moment of inner soul searching as a sign that you are winning.

The environmental movement is long overdue for some seri-ous soul searching and reconciliation with reality.


Signs are constantly available to help motivated users who are actively searching for some form of information.

Printed guides are used by the motivated user who is actively searching for information.

Usually an index will be arranged so that the user can search for articles by both subject and author.

In particular, a database user may want to search a file in a number of ways, according to a particular application.


Had they got a warrant to search the cottage?

A young soldier said that he had a warrant to search the house.

We can get a warrant to search your place at any time.

Without a warrant they also searched St Mary's, another church within Mr Mackenzie's parish.


Whitehall sources say Treasury officials are searching for ways to save money, with spending cuts a likely option.

Reinharz said the university will continue to search for ways to be more efficient and innovative.

Although printed indexes tend to be either controlled or natural language, many large databases can now be searched in both ways .

The school desegregation crisis persisted after Little Rock, as southern states searched for ways to maintain de jure segregation.

Frustrated educators search for dramatic new ways to get at one root of the problem: language skills.

Defensive stocks generally found themselves in favour as investors searched for ways of minimising the risks of the economic cycle.

The objective was, however, to search for ways of modelling to improve the rigour of strategic analysis.


Meaning lies in the mind, beyond words - just as one may search for a word to express one's meaning.

I watched him searching for words that would split open my silence.

Within seconds Harry was sitting in the rear seat, searching for his next words .

More generally, it is quite difficult to find sensible ways of combining phrase searching with word searching.

Phrase Searching Perhaps the easiest of the advanced techniques, phrase searching lets you search on multiple words for one topic.

Search can also be used to search for a single word or a string of words and letters.

The program maintains standard and customisable glossaries and can search for commonly used words and phrases and offer the glossary's translation.

Alexei seemed to search for words and Rostov waited to see what he would say next.



Everyone in the class started laughing and the teacher began searching for the culprit.

Nell turned away and began to eagerly search the mass of notes, manuals and graphs stacked on desks.

But they began searching for a distant location to store duplicates of some of the more vital records and equipment.

He began searching through the house gathering clothes and other things he wanted to take with him.

Jack and Rita began to search for a business of their own that could help them claim a life of their own.

For example, she begins to search for objects that she sees disappear.


Briefly, she wondered if this weren't the sort of thing the Doctor was after, but decided to continue searching .

McKennitt continues searching for their traces today.

They plan to continue searching the River Severn and the Gloucester to Sharpness canal tomorrow morning.

A prostate cancer patient, Milken continues to search for cures for the deadly disease, Reese said.

But to stop us continuing to search the computer scrambles the wires.

Reinharz said the university will continue to search for ways to be more efficient and innovative.

Ron and I continued to search for races.

They came away empty-handed, but one Tucson psychic, Joyce Martin, said she plans to continue searching on her own.


A team of police have spent the day searching the area surrounding the house.

I spent two days searching for warm clothes.

I spent four days searching for something about her.

You spend less time searching for a place to work and more time actually working.

So they spend less time searching for you and more time in your company.

Poorer airports, many of which have not introduced the necessary technology, will have to spend longer searching luggage by hand.

I spent a little precious time searching for a telephone, but couldn't find one.


But enough, I hope, to start you searching for more.

Daytona Beach Police started searching for Seay on Dec. 23, 1988, when she was reported missing.

Very hurriedly he started searching through the unopened mail.

Charlie broke con-tact with us, and we started searching bunkers.

Blunt gratefully recognized that they were losing height, and rested his neck; then felt guilty and started searching again.

When the Farmer has finished counting he wakes up and starts to search .

An algorithm which performs this trick before it starts searching is said to be goal directed, or a backwards searcher.

He could hear vehicles moving along the road, dropping storm-troopers off at regular intervals as they started to search the forest.


What the team has not done is interview individual officers who have stopped , searched and arrested the couple.

When, oh when, are you going to stop searching ?

At this stage I stopped searching to have a little think.

But to stop us continuing to search the computer scrambles the wires.

If it's necessary, the warship has orders to shoot, to stop , board and search suspect vessels.

Any coach leaving the city at this time of night should have been stopped and searched anyway.

They are more likely to be stopped and searched , and to be the victim of mistaken arrest or conviction.


All visitors to the prison are thoroughly searched.

All visitors will be searched before entering the prison.

At the site, rescue workers have been searching systematically in the hope of finding more survivors.

I searched a few websites, but couldn't find the information I was looking for.

I did a search for any articles by Varenqe on the web, and I found quite a few.

Local people are still searching woods near the victim's home for any clues to help find her killer.

Our leaders will have to search their consciences before agreeing to this deal.

Police have searched the area near his home, but have so far found nothing.

The men were all searched for weapons and then allowed to enter.

To find a book on our site, you can search by author, title, or subject.

We searched the whole house for Diane's ring.

You can search on the Internet for the names of dealers in your area.

You can search the document for particular words or phrases, in order to get directly to the information you need.


Bidwill is notorious for his secrecy while searching for a coach.

Elizabeth left me and I searched every corner of the hotel - every dark doorway and staircase.

Frantically he cast about, searching the ground.

Relations in databases are designed to be searched by the primary keys.

The 73-year-old Republican standard-bearer took time out of his busy campaign schedule last week to search for those roots.

The company, named for a friend who died from an infection, would search for new targets for antibiotics.

The crow bar raised over his head, he searched the water for the keg among other things.

They could search a thousand years and they'd not find it.

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