Meaning of UNIVERSAL in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ ju:nɪvɜ:(r)s(ə)l ]

( universals)


Something that is universal relates to everyone in the world or everyone in a particular group or society.

The insurance industry has produced its own proposals for universal health care...

The desire to look attractive is universal.

ADJ : usu ADJ n

• uni‧ver‧sal‧ity

I have been amazed at the universality of all of our experiences, whatever our origins, sex or age.

N-UNCOUNT : oft N of n


Something that is universal affects or relates to every part of the world or the universe.

...universal diseases.



A universal is a principle that applies in all cases or a characteristic that is present in all members of a particular class.

There are no economic universals.


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