Meaning of UNIVERSAL in English


noun a universal proposition. ·see universal, ·adj, 4.

2. universal ·noun the whole; the general system of the universe; the universe.

3. universal ·adj constituting or considered as a whole; total; entire; whole; as, the universal world.

4. universal ·adj adapted or adaptable to all or to various uses, shapes, sizes, ·etc.; as, a universal milling machine.

5. universal ·noun a general abstract conception, so called from being universally applicable to, or predicable of, each individual or species contained under it.

6. universal ·adj of or pertaining to the universe; extending to, including, or affecting, the whole number, quantity, or space; unlimited; general; all-reaching; all-pervading; as, universal ruin; universal good; universal benevolence or benefice.

7. universal ·adj forming the whole of a genus; relatively unlimited in extension; affirmed or denied of the whole of a subject; as, a universal proposition;

— opposed to particular; ·e.g. (universal affirmative) all men are animals; (universal negative) no men are omniscient.

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