Meaning of UNIVERSAL in English


/ ˌjuːnɪˈvɜːsl; NAmE -ˈvɜːrsl/ adjective


done by or involving all the people in the world or in a particular group :

Such problems are a universal feature of old age.

Agreement on this issue is almost universal.

universal suffrage (= the right of all the people in a country to vote)


true or right at all times and in all places :

universal facts about human nature

►  uni·ver·sal·ity / ˌjuːnɪvɜːˈsæləti; NAmE -vɜːrˈs-/ noun :

the universality of religious experience



late Middle English : from Old French , or from Latin universalis , from universus combined into one, whole, from uni- one + versus turned (past participle of vertere ).

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