Meaning of UPDATE in English


The verb is pronounced /ʌpdeɪt/. The noun is pronounced /ʌpdeɪt/.

( updated)


If you update something, you make it more modern, usually by adding new parts to it or giving new information.

He was back in the office, updating the work schedule on the computer...

Airlines would prefer to update rather than retrain crews. updated edition of the book.

VERB : V n , V , V-ed


An update is a news item containing the latest information about a particular situation.

She had heard the news-flash on a TV channel’s news update.

...a weather update. results update.

N-COUNT : usu with supp


If you update someone on a situation, you tell them the latest developments in that situation.

We’ll update you on the day’s top news stories...

VERB : V n on n

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