Meaning of CONSTRUCT in English


(~s, ~ing, ~ed)


If you ~ something such as a building, road, or machine, you build it or make it.

The French ~ed a series of fortresses from Dunkirk on the Channel coast to Douai...

The boxes should be ~ed from rough-sawn timber...

They thought he had escaped through a specially ~ed tunnel.

= build

VERB: V n, be V-ed from/of/out of n, V-ed


If you ~ something such as an idea, a piece of writing, or a system, you create it by putting different parts together.

He eventually ~ed a business empire which ran to Thailand and Singapore...

The novel is ~ed from a series of on-the-spot reports.

...using carefully ~ed tests.

= create

VERB: V n, be V-ed from/out of n, V-ed

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