Meaning of CONSTRUCT in English


I. verb




The Ballot itself was carefully constructed to maximize support for the League, and minimize areas of disagreement.

The teacher can often save lengthy explanation by carefully constructing a diagram or chart which encapsulates the main points of a lesson.

They were constructed carefully , sometimes as exact circles, sometimes as partial ellipses.

But if the School Development Plan has been carefully constructed , it should make the process easier.


This, it can be argued, is socially constructed and varies over time.

Clearly many issues such as drug and alcohol abuse, prostitution, and even poverty are socially constructed problems.

He argues, in short, that actual forms of kinship are socially constructed .

It is a deliberate artifact of culture, and is socially constructed in myriad ways.

Can we see gender being socially constructed along with the technology?

One involving, for example, relationships between classes or between men and women as they are socially constructed ?



Various Volunteers spent periods of from three to twelve months doing unskilled pick and shovel work, constructing school buildings .

Significantly, more recent housing in the same development has been constructed without either high-rise building or segregated traffic arrangements.

Behaviour is just as amenable to a planning process as, say, constructing a building .

A suitable developer was found to construct the new building .

The total man-hours required to construct such a building is impossible to estimate.

We have asked the people who constructed this building to take over the theatre in January until March.


Pupils are required to construct simple concept maps.

According to Piaget, each child must construct the concept out of his or her active interactions with others.

The meaning of a word is the constructed concept we attach to it.

The problem is that young children typically have not yet constructed concepts of intentionality.

Both correct answers and correct reasoning are necessary to conclude that the child has fully constructed the concept .


Aunt Margaret helped Victoria construct a high house from a greasy set of playing cards on the kitchen floor.

It enables the builder to construct low-cost houses and yesterday the Mayor, Coun Eddie Bolland, performed the topping out ceremony.

She won a prize for the best self-constructed house in the city and started a construction firm.

She would manage very well: the world was constructed in order to house people like her.


As with other knowledge , children construct moral knowledge and reasoning out of their actions in the environment.

Through actions like these, children discover and construct their knowledge of sand.

It is therefore reasonable to expect children who live in the same or a similar environment to construct similar physical knowledge .

The greatest variability in constructed knowledge among people is probably found in their social knowledge.

Children construct social knowledge from and within the sociocultural communities they live in and experience.

Unlike most deconstructionist critics today, Goethe went beyond the assertion that modern science consists largely of constructed knowledge .

The child can be seen as constructing knowledge at a primitive level, trying to make sense of the surrounding world.

On the other hand, as we have seen, differences between cultures in constructed logical-mathematical knowledge are minor in comparison.


A quite different method of evaluation is to construct a process model which seeks to relate input to output.

Throughout, the emphasis is on constructing multiple alternative models , which can be explored and tested against each other.

Copying also includes the use of one image to make another, like constructing a model from some one else's drawing.

They constructed a circular model , where both parties in a conversation are shown as having virtually the same functions.

The researcher has constructed computer models which predict tax and benefit entitlement under the present system, and after any possible reforms.

However, a problem arose when one tried to use such theories to construct a model of the atom.

Rawls constructs his model soas to argue for the primacy of an equality of needs.


The wheels were made of wood and constructed in the Road Vehicle Shop.

The federal government obligingly constructed logging roads into the wildernesses at public expense to accommodate the trucks and men and machinery.

Others would move on to wherever their skills were required to construct railways, roads or canals.

He also constructed the road along the S side of the Upper Llugwy Valley and the one along this valley.

It constructs roads , flattens hills, digs canals, builds harbours, employs workers, contracts for services.


Detailed evaluations can be carried out on this mock-up before the real system is constructed .

His two-program package constructs the systems from training examples.

The government needs advice on constructing a tax system for a decentralised economy.

They have demonstrated that it is possible to construct systems of clinical budgeting in acute hospitals.

These devices illustrate the potential for an easily constructed microchip system with a carbon paste detector that exhibits adjustable selectivity.

A forum, quays, harbours, villas, baths and theatres were constructed also a system of water conservation and control.

System generation is for performing pilot tests, establishing a development and test environments and constructing new systems.

In the meantime, Beckenham U.D.C. did apply for powers to construct a tramway system .


In order to construct an integrated theory of linguistic competence, it is essential to discover the logical ordering of components or levels.

I will construct a theory of self that posits the following: 1.

From 1915 Laski had worked to construct a theory of the state appropriate to modern times.

Hayek, however, constructs his theory in such a manner as to render such criticisms difficult to sustain.

Is he able to construct a coherent theory ?

We have even constructed elaborate theories to make us feel better about the lives older people lead.

This implied that it was possible to construct a rational theory based on these objective laws.


The latter had two locations which were equidistant from the two furnaces which were constructed on that wall to the north.

This allowed disaster relief experts to construct a new stone wall to reinforce the dam.



According to Imperial records the horde gathered at the coast and began to construct a huge fleet.

With these he could begin to construct the illustrated history of his subject, starting with a false name.

Sabat and Harré have recognized these problems and begun to construct a meaningful way of generating answers.

Children begin to construct knowledge about rules and justice, although typically they have not yet developed fully a concept of intentionality.


There are many ways of designing and constructing basements.

He also explained that to be successful it would have to be carefully designed and properly constructed .

Eventually a crawler was designed and constructed by the Marion Power Shovel Company.

Louis, Mo.-based firm Hubble and Co., which designed and constructed the building.


Aunt Margaret helped Victoria construct a high house from a greasy set of playing cards on the kitchen floor.

Among other things, this will help the analysts to construct an interview plan.


In recent years, the outage has been used to construct or commission major capital projects to extend the plants' capability.

Some aphasics can repeat back a sentence containing words they find hard to use when constructing a sentence themselves.

The drawing technique of shared radii can be used to construct a variety of curvilinear shapes.

A geometry class was using computers to construct isosceles triangles and prove that two of their angles were equal.

Tamayo's insistence on using new materials to construct his prints is very much part of a long tradition in modern art.

The materials used to construct biosensors, and their covering layers, are important in determining the practical success of the biosensor.

Hobson's work is mainly remembered because Lenin used it to construct his own, quite distinct, theory of imperialism.

This we have used to construct and maintain a database of management job evaluation results.


Construct a square with 2-inch-long sides.

Developers want to construct a replica of the 19th century steam yacht.

It is easy to construct a wooden framework for plants to grow against.

New freeway ramps are being constructed in San Bruno.

The city council has plans for constructing two new schools and a hospital.

The city has announced a plan to construct another runway at LaGuardia Airport.

The roof frames were constructed from thick, heavy timbers.

This elegant two-storey stone building was constructed in 1889.


But it has endured because it was constructed of brick and volcanic rock between 1783 and 1792.

Economic models will be constructed to explain the differing unemployment experience of different individuals in each of these markets.

He argues, in short, that actual forms of kinship are socially constructed.

In addition, it is necessary to follow how the calendar itself was constructed.

Incongruities prohibit constructing a unified picture of anything we could call Orphism.

There they construct a small royal cell.

Through actions like these, children discover and construct their knowledge of sand.

II. noun




Types, assemblages, and cultures are all artificial constructs designed to put order into disordered evidence.

In short, he concluded without reservation that the canals were artificial constructs of technologically advanced alien beings.

When they become smarter, of course, artificial life constructs will have to go out to work.


Gandhi describes religions as human constructs or expressions of that which underlies them and gives them reality.

It was all right, maybe, for Stephen Hawking to airily dismiss time as a human construct .


A mental construct arising from a misapprehension of the relationship between the crofter and his land.

It is important to see that the physical world is a mental , theoretical construct .

This is perfectly understandable if in fact after passives the to infinitive evokes a mental construct .


In other words, it is a social construct .

Within social geography these constructs have been used to examine landscape identity.

It is not fully clear what are the elements on which these social constructs of sexuality play.

An objective criterion is a typically social construct and presupposes a degree of inter-subjective understanding and cooperation.


Such models comprise theoretical constructs of variables which are interrelated, and significant in influencing the outcome of a purchase motivation.

It is important to see that the physical world is a mental, theoretical construct .

To say that the physical world is a theoretical construct is not to say that it does not really exist.



Psychologists use personal construct theory to get people to determine their own values and beliefs.

Whichever approach they use , they learn that using a construct always involves making choices.

Each view of the world can be described using personal constructs which can be elicited by the use of a Repertory Grid.

The resulting quantum logic was initiated by the mathematicians John von Neumann and Garret Birkhoff, using mathematical constructs called lattices.


It is these social constructs that determine our relations to each other.


The list of constructs can be endless.

The predominance these spatial constructs have for the ordinary constable is essential to an understanding of the police mind.

The work construct outlined accepts much of the feminist argument.

This is to be achieved through the construction of ideal-types and second-order constructs.

Where there are no constructs, no adequate perception or understanding can be achieved.

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